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The only real, pure type of Chiropteran, these young, human looking girls spend decades sleeping in-between several years of conflict with their sister Queen and/or the rest of the world. Lots of power in a small package, these “blood suckers” can create Chevalier, Chiropterans, (and with the help of one of their sisters Chevaliers) can birth two more Queens.


the In any given generation, there are always two Queens, who are female twins born from one of the last Queens, and they are naturally antagonistic with one another.

Physical Description[edit]

As per female humans


Chiropteran queens have widely varying personalities and the exact relationship between them and their followers (the Chevaliers and Chiropterans under their control) depends on their personality but bear in mind they do have to drink human or at least humaniod blood which can sometimes bring about conflict that the better ones try to find alternatives to taking it by force. Each generation always has twin female Queens, born from one of the last Queens. The twins are naturally antagonistic with one another, so anyone who is an enemy to one sister is normally seen has a friend to the other.

Varies the queens can create two additional types of Chiropteran to serve them.




Chiropteran queens can be of any alignmentgood or bad but bear in mined cents the there always bour has tween and the sisters are always antagonistic with one another they are almost garented to be on opisit sides. thaw that sed nutar is still more importan them nature its often the cas if one is rased with love and one with curelty the the one rased with love will be good and the one raised with curlty will be bad. it could be possible if they where both raised with love together they could both be good and not be enemys but it remanids to be seen.



Large cities





Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution: Queens are physically supior then most other races
  • Humanoid (Chiropteran):
  • Medium: As medium creatures, Queens have no special bonus or penalties due to their size
  • Queens base land speed is 30 feet
  • Blood Dependency (Ex): Chiropteran don’t eat normally, instead, They must blood-drain, or at least have access to blood, a number of times a day equal to his Constitution modifier. If he goes 24 hours without blood he must make a will save DC=(50-Wisdom score) or become fatigued. 48 hours without drinking blood he must make another check, DC 10 points higher then before or become exhausted. After 72 hours he must make another check, DC 10 points higher again (total 20) or become unconscious. Every hour after he must make a Will save DC 30 or be affected by Blood Fury. Regardless of the success or failure of the save the Chiropteran suffers 1d4 points of damage. The effects of not feeding can not be healed unless the Chiropteran feeds double the needed dosage. Example: A Chiropteran has gone 48 hours without feeding, so to reverse the 48 hour effect he must feed twice the normal amount. His Constitution modifier is 5, so he must feed 10 times. He is now fatigued until he can feed another 10 times. A Chiropteran who feeds daily but not the required amount takes -1 to all checks, damage rolls, and armor class per week this continues.
  • Blood Drain (Ex): If the Chiropteran has the target pinned, he may attempt a bite attack as a free action. If the attack does damage, he drains 1d4 points of the targets Constitution score and either heals 5 points or stores 5 points in his Blood Reservoir. He may, also, instead heal any ability damage inflicted on himself by one point regardless of the amount drained.
  • Blood Fury (Ex): Whether by will or due to starvation, a Chiropterans Blood Fury is a horrible sight to behold. When he enters a blood fury he loses any or all points in his Blood Reservoir and may not store points in it while in the Blood Fury, except for Queens who may store 1 point per use of Blood Drain. He is in the Blood Fury for a number of rounds equal to his Constitution modifier plus the number of points that were in his Blood Reservoir. While in this fury he is effectively in a Barbarians Mighty Rage, except he can not tell friend from foe and is only concerned about feasting on his prey. He is immune to critical hits, sub-dual damage, and massive damage while in a blood fury. If the Chiropteran has used his Blood Drain ability at least a number of times equal to his new Constitution modifier, he may attempt a will save DC=(30 minus Wisdom score) to leave the blood fury or else he must repeat the cycle to snap out of it. Once he snaps out of it, he will be exhausted for 1d10+1 minutes and stunned for 1d6+1 rounds. If his Queen demands him to snap out of the blood fury, he will only be exhausted for half as long, and stunned for 1 round. This does not work if he is commanded to snap out during the final 5 rounds of his Blood Fury. If the Chiropteran doesn’t drink a sufficient amount of blood within the time he has. He falls into a state of hibernation until he senses blood(whether by smell or if it’s poured down his throat). After he senses blood he launches into a new blood fury(no save) for the regular time.
  • Blood Reservoir (Ex): A Chiropteran may hold an amount of blood equal to his Constitution score times his hit dice. Whenever the Chiropteran is injured, the next round he may expend a number of points in his Blood Reservoir (no more than his constitution score) to heal himself for the same amount. This is a full round action and he may not take any other action except for talking. The Chiropteran may choose to store more than this, but must make a Fortitude save DC=(amount to be stored). Nothing ill will befall him if he fails, he simply can’t store that amount. He may try again after 24 hours to store more then the limit. They may also expend points to stave off starvation by spending constitution modifier x 5 points for everyday in which they are staving off starvation.
  • Creation (Ex): A Queen’s blood can be toxic to some, and change others. If a person consume a Queens blood, they must make a Fortitude save DC 30. If they succeed they will appear dead, but 1d4+1 hours later they will awaken as a Chevalier to the Queen. If they fail they appear dead and you roll 1d100. If you get within their Constitution score the subject mutates into a Chiropteran 1d4+1 hours later, otherwise the subject dies. If the Queens blood is injected into a subjects blood stream they must make a Fortitude save DC 30 or die, success slowly mutates them into a Chiropteran over the period of 1d4+1 days.
  • Hibernation (Ex): Chiropteran Queens are powerful creatures, but they can not go for extended periods of time. When they reach 20 years they cease aging and ten years later will get very tired. Daily they must make Fortitude saves equal to their Constitution modifier, DC increasing by 2 every time they succeed. If they fail these saves a number of times equal to their Hit Dice, they will get extremely sleepy and will fall asleep in 1d4+1 days, becoming encased in a cocoon where ever they happen to lie. They will sleep here for 30 years, or even more. When they awake they will have no knowledge of their previous life but slowly the memories will return. After a number of years equal to the number of decades spent in hibernation, they must start making the sleepy DCs again. If a Queen is forcefully made aware of their history or tastes fresh blood, they must make a Will save DC (30 minus Wisdom score) or enter a Blood Fury, at the end of which she will pass out and return to sleep. Success will result in a “past life” taking over for a short period of time until the Queen can master control.
  • Neutralization (Ex): When a Queen gives birth, she births twin Queens whose blood is lethal to each other and the Chiropterans she creates. If a Queen manages to get her blood into her sister Queen or her sisters Chiropterans, the creature must make a Fortitude save DC 50 or take 10d10 points of damage (no save for massive damage is necessary) and 4d6 points of Strength, Constitution and Dexterity damage. Success means they only take 6d6 damage and 2d6 Strength, Constitution and Dexterity damage. The very next round they must make another save DC 50, and this will continue until the “infected” parts of the body are removed or the creature dies. If the crystallized portions of the body are removed, they will not heal back. A replacement will be necessary. Finally, a Queen may only be impregnated by her sister’s Chevalier, and when she gives birth her blood loses its potency.
  • Phase Shift (Ex): Chevaliers and Queens who feed regularly may preform a Phase Shift. Phase Shifting is a move action that may be split up in the round and used in conjunction with ones other methods of movement. Example: A Chevalier is chasing an enemy Chevalier who hops over a wall. He runs up to the wall, Phase Shifts on top of it, and then uses the rest of his running limit to continue chasing his enemy. When one Phase Shifts, it looks as if they are now light and moving extremely fast. The distance one may Phase Shift is 5 times their number of HD in feet, and costs 10 points from their Blood Reservoir. One may Phase Shift twice the normal amount for an additional 5 points from their Blood Reservoir and to be fatigued immediately afterwards.
  • Shapeshift (Ex): A Chevalier has the ability to change his human appearance to match his prey. He must first drain the target of all their blood, but instead of storing the blood in his Reservoir, he gains the ability to change his human appearance to match the victims at will. He can mimic the voice and retains the targets memories of the last 24 hours, but nothing more. He may possess a number of these forms equal to his Constitution modifier, and may drop one to gain a new one. His original form does not count against this limit. Queens who drain the blood of a victim may alter their appearance to seem similar to the person, but not match it.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any except secret languages.
  • Favored Class: Any
  • Level Adjustment: 3

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Queen Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
15 years +1d4 +1d6 +2d6

Queens do not age past 20

Table: Queen Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Female 4' 5" +2d10 85 lb. × (2d4) lb.

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