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Child of Feat (3.5e Feat)

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Child of _____ Feat [Heritage Feat][edit]

Prerequisite: Taken at charadcter creation. Must be the same alignment as the god chosen, and be of the god's preferred race.
Benefit: The character with this feat has been chosen by a god to set an example of their power for the rest of the world. As such they get an untyped bonus of +3 to one stat of their choice. They also have the feat Weapon Specialization With the god's preferred weapon as a bonus feat.
Normal: The person is normal.
Special: This feat must be chosen at 1st level. The character must always follow the tenents of the god they are chosen by, failure to do so causes all of the bonuses that are gained by this feat to turn to penalties until the character has repented for transgressions against the god's word.

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