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Child of Beelzebub[edit]

Children of the demon Beelzebub are rare and powerful. Because of their father, they are granted special gifts,-though not all would agree-that allow them to command insects and arachnids of all types. They usually use their abilities for their own goals and purposes, although they can be helpful.


  • Age: Do to their heritage, Children of Beelzebub can live for thousands of years or more.
  • Height: Just like humans, Children of Beelzebub vary in height.
  • Weight: They vary in weight just like humans.
  • Appearance: They appear mostly human but with a few distinct features. Their ears are pointed like a half elves, both their pupil's and iris's are always black, they have claws like wolves, and their canines are sharper than normal.

Child of Beelzebub Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 to Str, Con, Int, Wis, And Cha,+4 to Dex.
  • +2 Natural Armor.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Speed:40
  • Insect Familiar: At first level, you gain a fimiliar like insect/arachnid. The chosen creature is considered a fimiliar ( see Sorcerer ). Choose one from the list.

Spider: Agile Feat and Spider Climb. Beetle: +1 Nat Armor and A burrow speed of 15 feet. Giant Centipede: +10 speed and Blindsight 30 Feet. Wasp: +10 to fly speed and claws have a chance to stun. The DC is 10+Proficiency.The DC is fortitude. Scorpion: Claws do 1d4 poison damage and +2 Natural armor.

  • A Child of Beelzebub gains claws that deal 1d8 slashing damage
  • At third level, a Child of Beelzebub gains Wings Of Beelzebub. These wings look like they wings of wasps or bees. They gain a flying speed of double their walking speed with perfect maneuverability. They are able to fold and conceal them so they appear as a large but simple tattoo.
  • Because their father is the demon prince of gluttony and the element of earth, they are able to devour any none magic items they can fit in their mouth and not take damage,and can cast spells from the wizard, cleric, druid, and bard spell list as a wizard/cleric/druid/bard of there level, but only spells that effect insects, poison, rot, and stone and earth.They do not need to choose spells in advance. The creature chosen from above is considered a familiar for the purpose of feats and such.
  • They are resistant 30 to Necrotic, Poison, and Acid damage. At 3rd level, they become immune to Necrotic, at 6th level, Poison, and at 10th level, Acid.
  • Children of Beelzebub are considered to permanently be under the following spells. True Seeing(as far as they can see), Endure Elements, and Statue.
  • They have Darkvision as far as they can see.
  • They can control insects and arachnids.They will never attack a Child of Beelzebub, even if he attacks them. If that happens, they will just run away. A Child of Beelzebub can verbally or mentally command up to 150 insect or arachnids per level. They will obey him to the best of there abilities. If he commands them to kill each other, they will do so without hesitation.
  • They have Tremorsense 300 feat.

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