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Chef's Tools contain everything a good cook needs in order to do his work.

Master Work Chef's Tools provide a +2 bonus on cooking checks to prepare Poor, Average, or Good meals. Chef's Tools contain numerous pieces that are generally used in conjunction to preform the cooking task needed.

Chef's Tools
Normal Master Work
Weight 60lb 60lb
Bonus None +2 Cooking
Cost 100gp 150gp

Do note that not all pieces will be needed every use and some are optional and can be removed to save weight.

Chef's Tools include:

Hourglass -
Knife Set 6lb
Wooden Case 3lb
Drip Pan 1/2lb
Wooden Spoon & Spatula 3lb
Tongs 1/2lb
Metal Tongs 4lb
Brush -
Pots & Pans 22lb
Kettle 3lb
"Grill" 5lb
Camping Oven 7lb
Table Case 5lb

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