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Rick 'em rack 'em sic 'em sack 'em! Victory dance!!

While some may shy away from the bombastic and overzealous routines of the cheerleader, there is no denying they have a powerful effect on morale. By sacrificing spellcasting, a bard becomes master of song and dance, employing strange weapons in a flurry of inspirational swings, and becoming popular at sports events. Only the most outgoing, and possibly crazy bards proceed into the realm of cheerleading.

Becoming a Cheerleader[edit]

Supporting their team means everything to a cheerleader. Morale is held high to help. Good cheerleaders simply wish good favors on others, while evil cheerleaders often use their insane routines as humiliation, knowing nobody wants to go home to tell the tale how they were thrashed by a cheerleader and her flunkies. All cheerleaders like to keep company, and they are social and charismatic.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any non-lawful.
Base Attack Bonus: +3.
Skills: Balance 5 ranks, Jump 5 ranks, Perform (Sing or Dance) 8 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks.
Special: Bardic music, Inspire Competence.
Table: The Cheerleader

Hit Die: d6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +2 +2 +1 Inspire Courage, Bardic Advancement, Expert Performer, Cheerleader Dance (Least)
2nd +1 +0 +3 +3 Improved Inspire Competence, Theme Song
3rd +2 +1 +3 +3 Cheerleader Dance (Least), Inspire Greatness
4th +3 +1 +4 +4 +1 Inspire Courage, Combat Style
5th +3 +1 +4 +4 Self-Competence, Cheerleader Dance (Lesser)
6th +4 +2 +5 +5 Song of Freedom, Victory Dance
7th +5 +2 +5 +5 +1 Inspire Courage, Cheerleader Dance (Greater)
8th +6 +2 +6 +6 Superior Inspire Competence, Improved Combat Style
9th +6 +3 +6 +6 Cheerleader Dance (Final), Inspire Heroics
10th +7 +3 +7 +7 +1 Inspire Courage, Synchronized Performance

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level)
The cheerleader’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language (n/a), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Magic Device (Cha), and Use Rope (Dex).

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The cheerleader is proficient with the Pom-Pom, the Baton, and the Ribbon Whip. They gain no other proficiencies.

Inspire Courage Bonuses (Su): At 1st level and every three levels after, the cheerleader adds +1 to the bonus granted by their Inspire Courage bardic music ability, as the cheerleader discovers better and better ways to inspire.

Bardic Advancement: The cheerleader class stacks with bard to determine the number of bardic music uses per day, and one's bard level for determining the effects of certain bardic music abilities.

Expert Performer (Ex): A cheerleader who has ranks in Perform (Dance) may apply those same ranks to Perform (Sing). Likewise a cheerleader with Perform (Sing) may treat those ranks as also applying to Perform (Dance). By dancing and singing together, a cheerleader therefore gains a +2 bonus to their perform checks.

Cheerleader Dances (Su): The main ability of the cheerleader is the cheerleader dance. Whenever the cheerleader activates a bardic music effect, she may apply a cheerleader dance along with it. Dances can add offensive, defensive, and utilitarian functions to the normal effects of the bardic music. They last as long as the song's effect is in place, and they come in four grades, Least, Lesser, Greater, and Final. You may select a Least cheerleader dance at levels 1 and 3, a Lesser or lower cheerleader dance at 5th, a Greater or lower dance at 7th, and a Final or lower dance at 9th.

  • Least Cheerleader Dances:
    • Dodge Dodge Revolution (Su): The cheerleader gains a +1 dodge bonus to their armor class while performing this dance.
    • Viva La Resistance (Su): The cheerleader gains a +1 resistance bonus to their saving throws while performing this dance.
    • War Beat (Su): The cheerleader gains a +1 insight bonus to their attack rolls while performing this dance.
    • I Feel Pretty (Su): The cheerleader gains a +4 morale bonus on social skill checks while performing this dance.
    • Look At Me! (Su): The DC to the cheerleader's Fascinate, Suggestion, or Mass Suggestion (they she possesses them) bardic musics rise by 2 while performing this dance.
  • Lesser Cheerleader Dances:
    • Braveheart (Su): The cheerleader becomes immune to fear, and all those within 30 ft. of the cheerleader gain +4 to saves against fear while performing this dance.
    • Free Your Mind (Su): The cheerleader becomes immune to compulsion effects, and all those within 30 ft. of the cheerleader gain +4 to saves against compulsion while performing this dance.
    • Walking On Air (Su): The cheerleader gains the benefits of an Air Walk spell while performing this dance.
    • Charming Dance (Su): When you perform your bardic music you may immediately attempt to charm a single target within 60 ft. It works identical to the effect of a Charm Monster spell, except it only lasts as long as your performance lasts.
    • Energetic Dance (Su): The cheerleader's weapons are coated in energy, either fire, electricity, cold, or acid. They deal 2d6 damage extra while performing this dance.
  • Greater Cheerleader Dances:
    • Eye of the Tiger (Su): The cheerleader relieves the effect of fatigue and lessens the effect of exhaustion of all allies effected by her bardic music, and lasting as long as the bardic music effect. Fatigue effects are ignored and exhaustion is treated as fatigued, but the conditions come back normally once the performance ends.
    • Thriller (Su): When activating the bardic music effect all undead within 60 ft. of the cheerleader must make a Will save against a DC of 10 + cheerleader class level + Cha, or fall into a stupor dancing with the cheerleader for as long as the performance lasts. They are considered Fascinated during this time, and an attack breaks the effect on that undead. This is a necromantic effect.
    • Toughen Up (Su): The cheerleader gains damage reduction 10/magic while performing this dance.
    • Second Wind (Su): A cheerleader may use Cure Critical Wounds at will while performing this dance, at a caster level equal to her effective bard level.
    • Stayin' Alive (Su):The cheerleader may survive an otherwise fatal blow when performing this dance. If any effect that deals hit point damage brings the cheerleader below 0 hp, that attack instead brings the cheerleader down to 1 hp, and the protection is expended until the next use of this cheerleader dance. This does not effect against effects which do not deal damage, such as Finger of Death, or destroy the body such as Disintegrate.
  • Final Cheerleader Dances:
    • Elemental Dance (Su): The cheerleader is immune to either fire, electricity, cold, or acid while performing this dance.
    • Ironhide Beat (Su): The cheerleader gains damage reduction 5/adamantine while performing this dance.
    • Push The Tempo (Su): Enemy casters within 30 ft. of the cheerleader must make a Concentration check DC 10 + your effective bard level or lose the spell as their hands dance in time while you are performing your dance.
    • Ghost Dance (Su): The cheerleader becomes ethereal for the duration of their performance, up to a maximum of 10 rounds.

Energizer (Su): The cheerleader's weapons are coated in energy, either fire, electricity, cold, or acid. They deal 4d6 damage extra while performing this dance, and the cheerleader is under the effects of Haste for the duration of the bardic music.

Improved Inspire Competence (Su): At 2nd level a cheerleader's ability to inspire improves. The competence bonus gained by Inspire Competence rises to +3.

Theme Song (Sp): A cheerleader and her backup music is never far away. A cheerleader may play her theme song and other backup music at will, as a swift action. This effect mimics the spell Ghost Sound at a caster level equal to the cheerleader's effective bard level.

Inspire Greatness (Su): A cheerleader of 3rd level or higher with 12 or more ranks in a Perform skill can use her performances to inspire greatness in himself or a single willing ally within 30 feet, granting him or her extra fighting capability. For every three effective bard levels attained beyond 9th, she can target one additional ally with a single use of this ability (two at 12th level, three at 15th, four at 18th). To inspire greatness, a cheerleader must sing and dance and an ally must hear or see the performance. The effect lasts for as long as the ally hears or sees the cheerleader perform and for 5 rounds thereafter. A creature inspired with greatness gains 2 bonus Hit Dice (d10s), the commensurate number of temporary hit points (apply the target’s Constitution modifier, if any, to these bonus Hit Dice), a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls, and a +1 competence bonus on Fortitude saves. The bonus Hit Dice count as regular Hit Dice for determining the effect of spells such as sleep. Inspire greatness is a mind-affecting ability. If the cheerleader already possesses the bardic Inspire Greatness, the bonuses gained are increased by 1 (1 more HD, attack, and Fortitude save).

Combat Style (Ex): At 4th level a cheerleader has learned to use her tools of performance as tools of war. A cheerleader must select one of three combat styles to follow: Two weapon fighting with Pom-Poms, Baton Twirling, or Ribbon Whip Dance. This choice affects the character's class features slightly, but does not restrict her selection of feats or special abilities in any way. If the cheerleader chooses Pom-Poms she gains the Two-Weapon Fighting feat as she is accustomed to moving with pom-poms in both hands. If the cheerleader selects Batons, she gains the Combat Expertise feat as she learns how to spin her weapon into defensive position. If the cheerleader selects Ribbon Whip, she gains the Mobility feat as she dances and twirls away from danger. With all three versions, she gains the effect of the feat even if she does not possess the normal pre-requisites for that feat. The benefits of the cheerleader's chosen style only apply when she is wearing light or no armor. She looses all benefits of her combat style in medium or heavy armor.

Self-Competence (Su): At 5th level a cheerleader surges with self confidence in her performances, to the point where she can be effected by her own inspire competence effects.

Song of Freedom (Sp): A cheerleader of 6th level or higher with 15 or more ranks in a Perform skill can use cheerleading to create an effect equivalent to the break enchantment spell (caster level equals the character’s effective bard level). Using this ability requires 1 minute of uninterrupted concentration and performance, and it functions on a single target within 30 feet. A cheerleader can’t use song of freedom on herself. If the cheerleader already possesses the bardic Song of Freedom, the caster level rises by 4 instead.

Victory Dance (Su): At 6th level the dances of a cheerleader bring good fortune to her party. Within 5 rounds of an encounters successful victory, she may make a perform check. Gold equal to the half her perform check springs from out of nowhere as confetti falls from the sky.

Superior Inspire Competence (Su): At 8th level a cheerleader's inspire competence bonus rises to +4.

Improved Combat Style (Ex): At 8th level a cheerleader's grasp on combat while dancing improves. The benefits gained depend on what the cheerleader selected for her Combat Style ability at 4th level. If the cheerleader selected Pom-Poms as her combat style, she gains the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat. If Batons were selected she gains the effect of the Improved Disarm feat. If the Ribbon Whip was selected, she gains the benefit of the Spring Attack feat. As before, she gains the effect of the feat even if she does not possess the normal pre-requisites for that feat. The benefits of the cheerleader's chosen style only apply when she is wearing light or no armor. She looses all benefits of her combat style in medium or heavy armor.

Inspire Heroics (Su): A cheerleader of 9th level or higher with 18 or more ranks in a Perform skill can use music or poetics to inspire tremendous heroism in herself or a single willing ally within 30 feet, allowing that creature to fight bravely even against overwhelming odds. For every three effective bard levels the character attains beyond 15th level bard, she can inspire heroics in one additional creature. To inspire heroics, a cheerleader must sing and dance and an ally must hear or see the cheerleader perform for a full round. A creature so inspired gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws and a +4 dodge bonus to AC. The effect lasts for as long as the ally can hear or see the cheerleader's performance and for up to 5 rounds thereafter. Inspire heroics is a mind-affecting ability. If the cheerleader already possess the bardic Inspire Heroics, she increases the bonuses granted by +2.

Synchronized Performance (Ex): At 10th level a cheerleader's songs become so effective, she can bolster multiple aspects of her team at once. She may employ two bardic music effects as a standard action, and maintain both simultaneously. This is tiring and tricky to pull off, and so the cheerleader can only do this 3 + Con modifier times a day.

Table: The Epic Cheerleader
Level Special
11th Cheerleader Dance (Final)
12th Bonus Feat
13th +1 Inspire Courage
14th Cheerleader Dance (Final)
15th <-any improvements to class features gained at this level, including any bonus feats->
16th Bonus Feat, +1 Inspire Courage
17th Cheerleader Dance (Final)
18th <-any improvements to class features gained at this level, including any bonus feats->
19th +1 Inspire Courage
20th Cheerleader Dance (Final), Bonus Feat

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Cheerleader.

Inspire Courage (Su): The bonuses for inspire courage continue to build at 13th level and every three levels beyond.

Cheerleader Dances (Su): The epic cheerleader may select an additional cheerleader dance at 11th level and every 3 levels beyond.

The epic cheerleader gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic cheerleader feats) every 4 levels after 12th.

Epic Cheerleader Bonus Feat List: Additional Magic Item Space, Blinding Speed, Deafening Song, Epic Inspiration, Epic Leadership, Epic Reflexes, Epic Speed, Epic Will, Great Charisma, Great Constitution, Great Dexterity, Group Inspiration, Hindering Song, Improved Combat Reflexes, Inspire Excellence, Lasting Inspiration, Music of the Gods, Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting, Ranged Inspiration, Rapid Inspiration. Reactive Countersong, and Superior Initiative.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Cheerleader[edit]

Combat: Support defines a cheerleader, she is best when bolsters her allies with her improved bardic music abilities. It benefits her as well, and once her party is filled with morale, the cheerleader is capable to stepping into combat as a secondary fighter.

Advancement: All bardic music prestige classes fit well with the cheerleader, although they actually benefit a great deal from more levels in bard.

Resources: Cheerleaders are generally hired and often work in groups to maximize performance, but there is no specific organization which ties them together. Indeed, cheerleaders seem to make rivals of each other, which may explain why they are only seen working together for short periods of time.

Cheerleaders in the World[edit]

Oh god... the half-orc.... doing the splits... my eyes, my poor, useless eyes!

Cheerleaders are found wherever conflict is to be had. The ability to push and alter the result of that conflict in favor of their team is their greatest joy.

NPC Reactions: People seem to love cheerleaders for their charisma, their beauty, and they're fascinating and sometimes alluring dances. However, there is also a belief in that this beauty is only skin deep and so, deserved or not, a cheerleader rarely makes lasting relationships.

Cheerleader Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge Local can research Cheerleaders to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge Local
DC Result
10 Cheerleaders are bards who have forsaken spellcasting in favor of superior bardic music.
15 The cheerleader's dancing employed with their chants grant them magical bonuses as they perform.
20 High level cheerleaders can buff a party with incredible morale quickly, then rush into battle with strange weapons of their own.
30 People who achieve this level of success can gain information on a specific cheerleader of note, their goals, adventurers, and possibly where they were said to be last.

Cheerleaders in the Game[edit]

Cheerleaders are supporters of groups good and evil. Life is a game, a game which they hope to win through the power of team spirit!

Adaptation: The typical image of a cheerleader is undoubtedly female. A more manly approach may refer to cheerleaders as marching conductors.

Sample Encounter: Facing down an enemy party in an arena where they must fight for their lives for the amusement of others, the adventurers must deal their opponents being emboldened by their strange but dangerously effective bards.

EL whatever: <-Encounter scenario and character info on sample NPC including stat block. The CR of the NPC is typically the same as the EL for the encounter->

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