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NOTE: Fallout d20 requires the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, d20 Future, and d20 Apocalypse books. Alternatively, you may use the MSRD and the d20 Apocalypse book.

1) Character Sheet[edit]

You may use a normal d20 Modern character sheet for your game. This means that you are most likely using either a paper character sheet or an online character sheet such as those from Mythweavers. You may also use a piece of notebook paper, a text editor, or a fillable pdf. Alternatively, there is a free Fallout d20 Character Record.

2) Ability Scores[edit]

First off, you need to roll your ability scores. Descriptions of ability scores can be found here. Ability modifiers can be calculated using this formula. To determine your ability scores, roll 4d6, drop the lowest number, and repeat that 6 times. Then arrange the numbers however you wish to your ability scores. Alternatively you may roll 3d6 for each ability score in order (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma), or use a point buy calculator (such as the one found [1]). Always be sure to ask your GM which method you should use.

3) Race[edit]

Next step is to select a race. Select one of the races found here. Be sure to make the appropriate ability score changes and write down any special abilities you may have. Also write down your ECL (in parentheses) next to your level.

4) Class[edit]

Now you must choose your class. Pick one of the basic classes from here. Write down your HP (Max HD + Con mod), Action Points (5 + half level), Fortitude (Base + Con mod), Reflex (Base + Dex mod), Will (Base + Wis mod), Defense (Base + Dex mod), Reputation bonus, and BAB. Also mark down your class skills and choose a talent. And go ahead and write down your bonus to Initiative (Dex mod).

5) Traits[edit]

A character may choose up to 2 (3 if Human) traits. Traits may alter different aspects of a character's stats. They provide both a bonus and a penalty. Traits may be found here.

6) Occupation[edit]

An occupation is just that. It just a job, a profession. Perhaps something the character was raised into. It is a background choice that gives the character access to, or bonuses to, skills and/or feats. Sometimes they also give a bonus to reputation and/or starting TUs/Caps. Occupations can be found here and here (Fallout campaign setting specific).

7) Skills[edit]

Determine the number of skill points your character gets based on his class and Intelligence modifier (and any other bonuses, such as the bonus received by Humans). Class skills are determined by your Class and possibly Occupation. First, look over the skills. Class skills take only 1 point to increase and are considered trained, cross-class skills take 2 points to increase. Spot and Listen are considered class skills for all classes. The maximum rank in a class skill is equal to character level + 3. The maximum rank in a cross-class skill is one-half of this number.

8) Feats[edit]

A character begins play with 1 feat. The character may also gain feats from occupation, class, and/or race. Feats give you bonuses or otherwise good effects. Feats can be found here and here. Note: In d20 Modern core rules, characters get 2 feats. This is due to all players being assumed Human. In Fallout d20, Humans still get 2 feats, but non-Humans only receive a single feat at first level.

9) Equipment[edit]

Each new character begins the game with an amount of TUs/Caps that can be spent on a wide range of equipment and gear, from leather jackets and batteries, to chainsaws and chems. This gear helps your character survive while adventuring. Each character begins play with 4d10x2 TUs worth of items, or 10x that number in Caps to spend on equipment, and their occupation may add a TU/Caps bonus. For default d20 Modern occupations, multiply the Wealth bonus by 2 for the number of bonus TUs (and again by 10 for Caps). Be sure to write down your armor and weapon stats. Also add your armor Defense bonus to your Defense. And write down any special attacks that you may have (generally under special abilities). Equipment can be found here and here.

10) Finishing Touches[edit]

Finally, it is time to makes sure you added and/or subtracted all of your modifiers correctly. Also, Humans may now roll for mutations/drawbacks (using the tables in d20 Apocalypse). You must also decide what your character looks like, and what his/her personality is like. Some background is also useful. You may also pick an allegiance.

11) Leveling Up[edit]

At each new level, a character increases in power. At every level up, a character must roll their hit die plus their Constitution modifier and add the result to their hit point; it is also important for characters to roll their Profession skill check to see how much money they make from their jobs (if they have one); next they must spend their skill points; finally, a character must see if they obtain a bonus to BAB, Fort, Ref, Will, Defense, or Reputation. These bonuses are not cumulative and as such replace previous bonuses. At level 3, and every third level after that, the character must choose a class talent and a feat. At every even level (2, 4, 6, ect), the character must select a class bonus feat. And at every odd level (1, 3, 5, ect.), the character gets a class talent. Be sure to ask your GM about using Fallout feats for bonus class feats, but only if you think they fit the theme of your other bonus feats. Every 4 levels(4, 8, 12, 16, 20), a character can increase one ability score by 1 point.

Table: Abilities Level Guide
Level XP Acquired Abilities Class Abilities Max Skill Rank1
1 0 traits, feat talent 4/2
2 1,000 feat 5/2
3 3,000 feat talent 6/3
4 6,000 ability score increase feat 7/3
5 10,000 talent 8/4
6 16,000 feat feat 9/4
7 24,000 talent 10/5
8 36,000 ability score increase feat 11/5
9 52,000 feat talent 12/6
10 76,000 feat 13/6
11 108,000 talent 14/7
12 156,000 ability score increase, feat feat 15/7
13 220,000 talent 16/8
14 320,000 feat 17/8
15 470,000 feat talent 18/9
16 670,000 ability score increase feat 19/9
17 970,000 talent 20/10
18 1,370,000 feat feat 21/10
19 1,970,000 talent 22/11
20 2,770,000 ability score increase feat 23/11
  1. Class/Cross-Class

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