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Chaotic Traveler Domain[edit]

You worship the unpredictable, and as such are able to control it. You sow the seeds of chaos and calamity wherever you go. Magic will spread during your chaotic journey.

No one knows how many times you have escaped alive from impossible situations, but you escaped. And more times than you can count, those around you have seen or done nigh-impossible things.

You gain your powers because chaos wants to see you travel, spreading it all the while.

Values: You are well aware of what the unpredictable can accomplish, and know that very little is truly impossible.

Personality: You are always surrounded by chaos, and so must always remain calm.

Chaos Traveler Domain Spells[edit]

Cleric Level Spells
1st Chaos Orb, feather fall
3rd spiritual weapon, spider climb
5th fear, fly
7th confusion, freedom of movement
9th animate objects, teleportation circle

Chaos Magic[edit]

Starting from when you choose this domain at 1st level, you can manipulate the forces of chance to gain advantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. After using this feature, the next time you cast a cleric spell of 1st level or higher, you can roll on the Wild Magic Surge table[1]. If you do so, you then regain use of this feature. You also regain use of this feature when you finish a long rest.

Well Traveled[edit]

At the 1st level, you are skilled in leading groups on journeys. You gain the following benefits:

  • At level 1, your base walking speed increases by 10 feet. It increases another 10 feet at level 11. You gain advantage on Constitution saving throws against exhaustion.
  • If you are traveling alone, you can move stealthily at a normal pace.
  • Become proficient with the survival skill, or double your proficiency if already proficient.

Channel Divinity: Chaotic Movement[edit]

At the 2nd level, you can present your holy symbol as a bonus action to invoke your deity's blessing. For 1 minute, you and up to 5 creatures you can see gain the following benefits.

  • An increase in base walking speed equal to 5ft times your Wisdom modifier (min 5 feet).
  • The ability to use the Dash action as a bonus action.
  • If any creature within 15 feet of you casts a spell, they roll on the Wild Magic Surge table.

Channel Divinity: Lawless Freedom[edit]

At the 6th level, you can present your holy symbol as a bonus action to cast any spell that increases movement speed without any other effects (such as fly or jump) at minimum level. You then must roll on the Wild Magic Surge table[2]. Starting at 11th level, you can choose to cast this spell 1 level higher; this increases to 2 at 20th level.

Chaotic Strike[edit]

Starting at the 8th level, when you make a melee attack, armed or unarmed, you can add 2d4 extra damage. For each d4, roll 1d8 and consult the table below to determine the damage type:

  • 1 - No damage
  • 2 - Cold
  • 3 - Fire
  • 4 - Force
  • 5 - Lightning
  • 6 - Poison
  • 7 - Psychic
  • 8 - Thunder

Controlled Chaos[edit]

Starting from 17th level, you gain more control over your chaos magic. When you roll on the Wild Magic Surge table[3], you can roll twice and use either roll.

Divine Traveler[edit]

At 17th level, you can cast the spell teleport without expending a spell slot. As long as the destination exists, the spell is cast as though you were very familiar with it. You must complete a long rest to use this feature again.

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