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School of Chaos[edit]

Wizard Subclass

This school of magic is one of unpredictability and chaos but its an understood chaos. As you cast spells you change how you cast them just to see what could happen. Chaos wizards are those who channel the power but let the power take its own shape. Chaos wizards can be a blessing like no other or a curse no remove curse could cure.

Try something new

At 2nd Level, You may augment your spells as you experiment and change fundamental features of the spell, Whenever you cast a spell and the spell deals acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, or thunder damage, you may substitute that damage type with one other type from that list (you can change only one damage type per casting of a spell) at random by rolling 1d10. You replace one energy type for another by altering the spell’s formula as you cast it. The DM chooses the numbers for each option and the one leftover number means that you may choose the type. Additionally, whenever you cast a spell and the spell requires a saving throw, you may change the saving throw at random by rolling 1d8(or 1d10 if honor and sanity are applicable). The DM choose the numbers for each option, one leftover option if landed on allows the caster to choose, and the last leftover option if landed on allows the DM to choose.

Thrown Together

At 6th level, you learn to further augment spells in a variety of ways. As you cast a spell, you can expend any number additional spell slot to randomly augment its effects for this casting, mixing the raw stuff of magic into your spell to amplify it this is determined by a 1d10 per additional spell slot. The DM choose the numbers for each option.

  • Increase the spell’s raw damage. If you roll damage for the spell when you cast it, increase the damage against every target by a additional damage dice of the same type and damage type. If the spell can deal damage on more than one turn, it deals this extra damage of the same type and damage type on those additional turns.
  • Increase the spell’s range. If the spell's range is touch it becomes 30ft. If the spell’s range is at least 30 feet becomes 60 feet. If the spell’s range is at least 60 becomes 120 feet. If the spell’s range is at least 120 feet becomes 1 mile.
  • Increase the spell’s potency. Increase the spell’s save DC by 1.
  • Increase the spell’s duration. If the spell’s duration is at least 1 round becomes 1 minute. If the spell’s duration is at least 1 minute becomes 10 minutes. If the spell’s duration is at least 10 minutes become 1 hour. If the spell’s duration is at least 1 hour becomes 12 hours. If the duration is at least 12 hours becomes 1 day. If the duration is at least 1 day it becomes 1 month. If the duration is at least 1 month it becomes 1 year.
  • Remove concentration on the spell.
  • The casting time is a bonus action.
  • The spell gives disadvantage to it’s saving throw.
  • A number of creatures or objects are immune to this spell = ever 4th wizard Lv + your int mod.
  • Remove the need for vocal, somatic, and material components.
  • Empower the caster, You gain 1d8+Intelligence modifier and have advantage on your next spell attack.
  • Increase the spell’s level by 1 (maximum 9th level) and then cast an additional spell of half the level of the original spell you casting (rounded up) without a spell slot. At minimum you cast a cantrip and at maximum you cast a 5th level.
Going Haywire

At 10th Level, Your casting becomes as chaotic as the method used. Whenever cast a damage spell you roll a 1d20 (if the spell is an attack spell the attack rolled is the 1d20), on a 16-20 the following effect happens, when you roll damage for the spell and roll the highest number possible on any of the dice, choose one of those dice, roll it again and add that roll to the damage. In doing this you take half of whatever extra damage(in the same type of the spell) incurred by this ability. However, you cannot be knocked unconscious by using this ability, instead you maintain half your current hit point (minimum 1). On a 3-5 the following effect happens, you take all the additional damage this spell does. If a 1-2 is rolled you take all the damage of this spell and you can be reduced to 0 or more hit points.

Chaotic Outcome

At 14th level, Your time spent observing chaos in spells has granted you an understanding of magic that no other wizard could hope to achieve. Whenever you cast a spell roll 1d20 on a 1-4 you cast an inferior version of the spell, you cast the spell normally on a 5-8, roll the 1d20 again but with advantage on a 9-12, make the spell perform the opposite effect on a 13-16, or preform an enhanced effect on a 17-20. This interpretation is left to DM discretion. (e.g. Time Stop could Reverse Time 1d4+1 turns or can no longer ends early, Fireball could become 8d6 healing with a 20 foot radius or 8d8 fire damage, or hold person could lock someone in place for an hour or allow you to puppet them for a minute). However, you may not completely change the spell's effect(Fireball cannot force everybody prone and Hold person cannot damage the target). You may do this a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier per a short rest.

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