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Rating: 3 / 5
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"You fool, can’t you see your era has ended?
This is an era of peace! Repent on your bloodthirsty...."

As the monk prattled on Juuzo asked the innkeeper for another cup of sake.

The senile sack of bones only saw what he wanted to see.
Peace? What a joke.
He didn’t know a man would pay fifty kaku for Juuzo’s blade defending him.

And a hundred fifty for it to be planted in the gut of a rival.

The Waxing of an Era[edit]

After the Age of War and the rise of the Shirogane Shogunate, peace has lasted in Nikko for many generations. Towns have grown to cities under the watch of the unified clans, scientific marvels of magic and gears have been crafted by the Shikake Guild, and trade has been established with the lands across the sea from the port of Nanba. Famous swords gather dust either on ancient battlefields or propped up against a family shrine, and suits of armor have become just fancy decorations than object of fear and respect.

Yet the sparks of war have not been fully extinguished in the Land of First Sunlight. Monsters and malicious spirits still roam the edges of civilization preying on the weak and unwary, cruel bandits and uncaring lords reap up money from the poor, and sinister cults long thought exterminated have crawled out of their holes to enact the wishes of their dark masters.

There is still need of heroes in this world whether through sword or power.

A setting based off the Edo Era of Japan, the fall of the shogunate, and jidaigeki I've grown up with, from the Taiga Dramas on NHK to movies like Youjimbo and Zatoichi, mixed with a healthy does of clockpunk.

First time working on a setting. Hopefully this goes better than expected. :P

Player Guide

The races of Nikko. Some have horns, some have mechanical bits, some have... tentacles?
So, you want to be a samurai? A ninja? A wizard samurai ninja? Well this guide will help you sort out all your classes so they fit snug into the world of Chanbara.
When you lose a game of dice, get shook down by the yakuza and then spill sake all over the daimyo's son, who do you call for help?
Ok, so we know you want to get your hands on a katana, but calm down. First, do you have all your gear packed up? Oh, and of course you're papers are in order... aren't they?
The use of magic. The schools of magic. More writing about magic and classes... Ooh! Did I mention magic powered trains and flying fortresses?

The World of Chanbara

From the creation of the first kingdom to the building of the Nikko Rail, the history of the world.
Laws, customs and practices of the races of Nikko.
From small provinces to large. From wilderness survival to urban intrigue. From the grimy bars of Nanba to the Imperial Palace at Touto. The world is at your finger tips.
Just the right monster for any situation, with some already existing monsters modified to suit Chanbara.

DM Guide

Shiny powerful objects with attitude. Some will save your life. Others will take your life. Some just want to have fun.
Adventures and Quests
Because who doesn't want to fight an army of undead ninjas on the roof of an abandoned castle.
Variant Rules
Will work on some sort of "Honor" system in the theme of "Bushido" but honestly, it's probably be the last thing I do.

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