Ceremony of Binding, Evil (3.5e Spell)

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Ceremony of Binding, Evil
Conjuration (Calling), Necromancy [Evil]
Level: Clr 9, Sor/Wiz 9
Components: V, S, M, F
Casting time: 1/2 hour
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Saving Throw: Will; see text
Spell Resistance: No

One of the riskiest spells available to a necromancer is the ceremony of binding. You must draw out a massive symbol related to a demon lord or an archdevil made from your blood on the floor. This symbol is surrounded with necromantic sigils formed from crushed bone and sprinkled with the blood of a celestial creature. Once the symbol has been formed, an innocent must be placed in the middle of the symbol. Normally, the sacrifice must be bound.

After all of the above requirements have been met, you must recite a text that takes one half an hour to finish. When you begin to come to a close, the innocent will become wracked with pain, the symbol will start glowing with a devilish color, and the necromantic sigils will begin to swirl upwards. As the last word of the text leaves your mouth, the innocent explodes in a pillar of blood. The necromantic sigils become incorporeal energy made from the life forces of dead creatures and swirl into the blood, mixing with it. After ten seconds, the blood pillar will recede and in its place will be the devil or demon whose symbol was drawn on the ground.

To fully summon the devil or demon, a Will check must be made against it. The following list will give the Will save levels of demon lords.

Demogorgon +32

Graz'zt +26

Juiblex +24

Orcus +26

Yeenoghu +25

The following list will give the Will save levels of archdevils.

Bel +23

Dispater +26

Mammon +29

Belial/Fierna +29

Levistus +30

The Hag Countess +28

Baalzebul +30

Mephistopheles +32

Asmodeus +31

If using the Tome of Horrors, Book of Fiends, and Hordes of the Abyss supplements, there are more options for summoning. This will also include some slightly lesser demons and devils, but they are still powerful enough to be considered for summoning.

Daemons will be listed here.

Charon +26

The Oinodaemon +35

Demons will be listed here.

Baphomet +27

Beluiri +17

Caizel +20

Cresil +21

Dagon +29

Eurynomus +12

Fraz-Urb'luu +29

Kostchtchie +24

Malcanthet +23

Maphistal +21

Merihim +11

Obox-Ob +22

Pale Night +23

Pazuzu +30

Philotanus +12

Rahu +17

Shiggarreb +14

Stonechard +21

Tsathogga +29

Vepar +21

Zuggtmoy +21

Devils will be listed here.

Abigor +18

Alastor +34

Antaia +16

Amon +23

Baaphel +20

Bael +22

Balan +10

Bune +14

Caasimola +26

Demoriel +20

Furcas +13

Geryon +26

Gorson +20

Hadirel +15

Hutijin +21

Ibilis +33

Lel +10

Lilith +16

Lucifer +36

Malgrin +15

Moloch +29

Naamah +11

Nergal +17

Titivilus +21

Vuall +11

Xaphan +30

If you fail the Will check against the summoned entity, your soul is stripped and placed in the custody of the entity. You are treated as being dead unless the demon lord or archdevil should decide to return the soul.

If the Will check is successful, however, you may make as many demands and put as many questions to the entity as the time limit allows (2 rounds/level). The demon lord or archdevil must answer all questions and carry out all commands as soon as the spell's duration expires.

Even if the Will check is successful, the entity will hold a grudge against the mortal that summoned it. After it carries out all commands given to it, it will most likely send its minions to kill you, unless you can come up with something to bribe it.

When the spell's duration expires, the summoned entity will simply fade away and the symbol will be burned away.

Ceremony of binding is considered necromancy because the spirits actually capture the entity and bring it to the binding.

Material Component: Your blood to create the symbol (35 hp damage), twenty vials of crushed bone (1 gp each), twenty vials of celestial blood (500 gp each), one innocent.

Focus: One book of demonic or diabolical origin (depending on the type wished to be summoned; costing about 4000 gp).

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