Celebrants Beneath Braced Skies (Sanctuary's Lot Supplement)

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Celebrants Beneath Braced Skies[edit]

A Magician cult employing magic both from the Strangers and from the Gods of the Dream. Known for utilizing magical items (particularly bells) to subdue lesser worldly monsters, strangers, and undead. Referring to this mob of creatures as the "Eboekhem", their magician-priests (or Tintinnabulum) crudely direct them to fight or defend areas or simply drive them away from population centers entirely.

The Celebrants Beneath Braced Skies represent the state religion of Algrave, a beleaguered independent city-state. Outside of Algrave, the celebrants are sparsely scattered throughout the Lakes region and more likely to be found in isolated settlements or small, remote communities.

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