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Welcome to my realm. You'll find naught here but privation, fear and death—oh, and my blade.

Prerequisite: Ranger class, Proficiency with Spiked Chain or Versatile Combatant

As a cavestalker, you nurture a close, almost mystical connection to the deadly terrain of the underdark. To you, the lightless tunnels are not friends, exactly, but perhaps well-respected adversaries. Danger is always present, yet you understand it and even find a certain succor in living alongside it.

Cavestalker Path Features[edit]

A Cavestalker.
Exotic Combat Style (11th Level): If you have proficiency with the spiked chain, you can use it as a single-handed weapon (but not an off-hand weapon, even if you have the two-blade fighting style). If you have the versatile combatant feat, you can use the hand crossbow as a melee weapon (this is the same as using it as a ranged weapon except it has a range of 1 square and does not provoke opportunity attacks). If you have both of the above, choose one of the above benefits.
Master caver (11th Level): You gain a +2 bonus to acrobatics, athletics, dungeoneering, heal, nature and perception checks made in the underdark. You also lower skill check DCs, move penalties and attack penalties by one categories when you are in cramped spaces.
Cavesense (16th Level): You gain tremorsense 6.

Underdark Strike Cavestalker Attack 11
You use your knowledge of the underdark to your advantage, suddenly appearing behind your foe.
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee or Ranged weapon
Requirement: You must be wielding a spiked chain or hand crossbow.
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength Vs. AC (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon) or Dexterity Vs. AC (ranged), two attacks.
Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage (melee) or 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (ranged).
Special: You can shift 1+ your wisdom modifier squares before or after you attack.

Underdark Stalker Cavestalker Utility 12
Your skill in the underdark enables you to detect threats before they come and position yourself in readiness.
Daily Star.gif Martial
No Action Personal
Trigger: you make an initiative check and dislike the result
Effect: Make a Stealth check and use that as your initiative check result. If you get the first turn in the encounter, you can shift up to your speed as a free action before taking any other actions.

Cavestalker's Ambush Cavestalker Attack 20
You leap from cover, your swift attacks dropping your foe.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Melee or Ranged weapon
Requirement: You must have had cover or concealment at the start of your turn to use this power.
Target: One creature that is your quarry
Attack: Strength Vs. AC (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon) or Dexterity Vs. AC (ranged), two attacks.
Hit: 3[W] + Strength modifier damage (melee) or 3[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (ranged).

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