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The cavalier is a knight on horseback who is as one with his mount. Cavaliers are especially mobile and can attack with terrifying speed in combat. Besides their considerable martial prowess, cavaliers are often just as good at influencing people as they are at influencing horses At 3rd level a fighter may choose this subclass and gain the Charge ability. They will gain new abilities at 7th, 10th, 15th and 18th level as described below.


Beginning at 3rd level if you move more than 10 ft. while mounted before an attack you have advantage on your attack roll against the creature you are targeting.

Steed Control

At 7th level you gain advantage on Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks for your mount.

Advanced Charge

At 10th level if you use your Charge ability and you are are wielding a two handed weapon, you can choose to re-roll your damage on a successful hit, you must keep the second roll. You can use this feature once per round.

Mounted Support

Starting at 15th level, you can use any two-handed weapon in one hand while mounted, but you can not wield any other weapon in your off hand (shields are acceptable).


At 18th (once per short rest) you can rally your party as an action during combat. While rallied, all allies within 30 ft. of you are at an advantage on all of their attack rolls and saving throws against being frightened. This ability remains active for an amount of rounds equal to your charisma modifier (minimum of 1).

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