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The following Feats are for Player Characters of the Shadar-Kai race.

Racial Feats
Prerequisites Benefit
Beshadowed Mind (4e Feat)
Blackfire Touch (4e Feat)
Bleak Visage (4e Feat)
Cage of Gloom (4e Feat)
Dance of Death (4e Feat)
Dark Scythe (4e Feat)
Deep Shadow (4e Feat)
Gloomstrike (4e Feat)
Improved Shadow Jaunt (4e Feat)
Raven Queen's Servant (4e Feat)
Reap and Fade (4e Feat)
Ripping Blow (4e Feat)
Shadow Soldier (4e Feat)
Sorrow's Scythe (4e Feat)
Veil of Shadows (4e Feat)

Note: PC Shadar-Kai should add the following Racial Trait; "Shadow Creature: Your ancestors were native to the Shadowfell, so you are considered a shadow creature for the purposes of effects that relate to creature origin."

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