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Lexicon of the Perfected Map

The Lexicon of the Perfected map details syllables in the truename language which describe the world around us. A Truenamer can use it to speak the Utterances found within. Other Utterances can be found in the Evolving Mind and Crafted Tool Lexicons.

Make a DC20 spell check to determine if you pronounced your Utterance correctly. If you fail this check, your Utterance also fails.

For Utterances that require a Saving throw, the DC is your spellcasting DC (8 + Proficiency + INT).

Utterances must obey all Laws of the Universe.

Level 1

Fog From the Void Create a fog that obscures sight and makes movement difficult
Shield of the Landscape Alter the land to remove or provide cover
Shockwave Knock creatures to the ground

Level 2

Energy Vortex Fill an area with harmful energy
Speak Rock to Mud Turn solid rock into cloying mud.
Transform the Landscape Add or remove difficult terrain.

Level 3

Lore of the World The world gives you the information you request
Master of the Four Winds Bend the wind to your will
Thwart the Traveler Prevent extradimensional travel in your area.

Level 4

Anger the Sleeping Earth Shake the earth like the earthquake spell
Conjunctive Gate Create a portal between two planes
Deny Passage, You Shall Not Pass Prevent entering or leaving an area.

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