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Lexicon of the Crafted Tool

The Lexicon of the Crafted Tool is used by Truenamers that intend to study and change the items around them. Other Utterances can be found in the Evolving Mind and Perfected Map Lexicons.

Make a spell check to determine if you pronounced it correctly using DC10 + 3 per magic rarity for items. If you fail this check, your Utterance also fails.

Mundane: DC10
Common: DC13
Uncommon: DC16
Rare: DC19
Very Rare: DC22
Legendary: DC25
Artifact: DC28

If you know the target's Personal Truename, you may apply it's power to any Utterance you know. Make a spell check to determine if you pronounced it correctly using the target's Intelligence score +5 as the DC. If successful, you may choose to Empower (50% extra numerical values), Reach (double range), Extend (double duration) or Focus (disadvantage on saving throw). Your chosen effect applies to the Utterance.

Utterances must obey all Laws of the Universe.

Level 1

Fortify Armor Negate critical hits and sneak attacks on armor
Keen Weapon Add range to a weapon

Level 2

Agitate Metal Add heat or cold to metal
Analyze Item Identify anything

Level 3

Rebuild Item Restore an item to it's former glory
Suppress Weapon Suppress the energy in a weapon

Level 4

Suppress Item Suppress magical properties in an item
Transmute Weapon Change a weapon's build material

Level 5

Metamagic Catalyst Give a potion or scroll a metamagic feat
Seize Item Bring an object within range instantly to your hand

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