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Capture Ranger[edit]

Ranger Subclass A type of ranger dedicated to observing all the many types of creatures all around and befriending them in order to help maintain peace in nature. They use a strange device to befriend creatures and often have a desire to catalogue as many creatures as they can.

Capture Styler

Starting at 3rd level you gain a small device that can shoot out a spinning disk called a captur styler. You can use an action and expend a ranger spellslot to encircle a creature with your capture styler in an attempt to show it your wish to become friends. You can target a beast, dragon, abberation, fey, elemental, plant, ooze or monstrosity within 30ft and make an animal handling save against a DC equal to 10+the creature’s CR, this can be reduced by 1 for every other level spellslot above 1 spent up to a bonus of 2. If you fail the check you take 2d6 psychic damage and the creature becomes hostile and immune to the capture styler for 24 hours.

If you succeed the creature becomes friendly to you and will follow you. It will act on your initiative and follow orders as best it can but will not do anything unless ordered and will not give its life for you. The creature will leave if it takes damage it would view as close to lethal or if you travel over 2 miles away from where it would call home. You can only have one creature under this effect at a time.

Favoured Partner

Starting at 7th level you can select a type of creature that you can use the capture styler on. When using the capture styler on it you can add half your proficiency modifier to the animal handling check.

Skilled Circling

Starting at 11th level you can add your Dex modifier to a check made to use the capture styler. You can only use this once per long rest.

Top Ranger

Starting at 15th level you may choose a second favoured partner creature type and you may have a second creature affected with capture styler at a time. Also you may take creatures any amount of distance from their homes.

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