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Transmutation [Air]
Element: Air
Prerequisites: None
Attack Die: d10
1st Kata: Glide with wind and Jump +15
2nd Kata: +2 to hit
3rd Kata: +2 to damage
4th Kata: +2 to Reflex saves
5th Kata: Thicken air to make armor +5, 5 damage resistance, 15% spell resistance
6th Kata: Fly with low maneuverability (−2 init, Reflex, Dex)
7th Kata: +3 to hit
8th Kata: +3 to damage
9th Kata: +3 to Reflex saves
10th Kata: Fly at normal speed
11th Kata: Create wind that can knock people over (Reflex save opposed by elementrician Performance check)
12th Kata: +4 to hit
13th Kata: +4 to damage
14th Kata: +4 to Reflex saves
15th Kata: Fly at double speed
16th Kata: Create a tornado (reflex −4 or be thrown in random direction, taking 10d10 damage, can be moved independently while you continue to act)
17th Kata: +5 to hit
18th Kata: +5 to damage
19th Kata: +5 to Reflex saves
20th Kata: {{{20th}}}

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