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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Water Dripping From a Dragon Fang
Home Plane: Draconisia
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Pirates, Lizardfolk, Rogues, Liberators
Clergy Alignments: CG, NG, CE, NE, CN
Domains: Water, Luck, Chaos, Trickery, Destruction, Healing
Favored Weapon: Kukri
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Cannux, chief god of the Lizardfolk, was once a mortal Poison Dusk. He was raised in a large nation about 50 miles from the land of his birth by a kindly gentleman who made his money by "acquiring" priceless goods from the upper class. It was from this man that Cannux learned the ways of the thief; and soon struck out on his own. When the economic/social/intellectual collapse known as the Big Money Thinky Boom-Boom occured, Cannux struck on hard times and so had to turn to a life of... semi-law abidance. He accepted a position to work with a band of adventurers who were tasked to clear the country roads of brigands. These adventurers are great heroes, and most are deities, in their own right; they are as follows: Milo Goodbarrel, the halfling-half dragon ranger with whom he shared "Little People Power;" Da'tarran Thuderhoof, affectionately known as "The Minotaur;" Mialee, the elven babe; and Stonewing the gargoyle. This group of badass aficionados quickly gave up their life of goodness and began to rob people blind, following a very poor encounter involving a burning wagon and an axe in a tree. Cannux's prowess as a leader showed itself when he successfully incited a mutiny aboard a royal vessel, which would become the flagship of his piratical fleet, The Spanish Inquisition. Many of Captain Cannux's surviving victims claimed to have never expected The Spanish Inquisition. Eventually, Cannux encountered a creepy old man who claimed to have knowledge of Cannux's homeland. He handed him a vial filled with a water-like substance and proceeded to drop dead. Cannux, not one to pass up a free drink, threw caution into the wind and chugged. The elixir caused an inescapable urge to go home in Cannux, and lead him to the island of his birth. This island was not on any modern charts, and so Cannux named it the Isla Draconis. When he made port, he found his Poison Dusk brethren under attack from a neighboring tribe of Troglodytes, whom he mercilessly wiped from the face of the planet. The Poison Dusk in thanks (and because their previous chieftain had been killed in the attacks) made Cannux chief. Cannux soon brought all of the neighboring Lizardfolk tribes under his dominion, and earned the title Pirate-King. He took a wife (whom he later learned to be a silver dragon) and had two children. The male child, named Cannuxiss, would take on the throne after Cannux's death. When he died, the good dragon deities used their powers to deify Cannux.


Cannux encourages his worshippers to help themselves, and will often help those who do so. He also shows great care for the Lizardfolk and for pirates.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Cannux's church is broken into two halves: the Temple and the Missions. The Temple, located on the Isla Draconis, is headed by the temple high priest and various underlings. The Missions are headed by one missionary high priest, many other missionary priests, and some laity. Cannux communicates directly with certain chosen priests through magic books, or Tomes, entrusted to various figures in the society of Isla Draconis.


Cannux is in the process of creating his pantheon from his chosen Prophets. His pantheon is allied with that of Da'tarran Thunderhoof, Milo Goodbarrel, and the god Stumbleduck.

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