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Vermadad Orgin[edit]

The Begining[edit]

In the begin there was nothing but the Creator, a mysterious unknown figure that created the first two Gods of the Universe, Dadlemom, and Vermana, and a giant empty piece of land, it was said the Creator disappeared. Confused to why they were put and with nothing else to but look apon the baren land Dadlemon and Vermana agreed to call Vermadad. Dadlemom, bored with nothing but a giant empty of piece of land decided to make a world with living mortal creatures for his own amusement, Vermana was hesitant of the idea but she agreed that she would protect the spirits of these creature after they die. So Dadlemon created a whole new world, filled with it with plants, fungi, water, fish, animals. However of all of his creatures one was by far his favorite the Human, designed in his image they were by far the smartest animal of them all, he hoped for them to achieve greatness in the animal kingdom. However he quickly realized a huge flaw with his human creations, they were directionless, had no aim, no goal, no unity. While he enjoyed speaking with the Human and especially with the title of the "God of Life" some of the humans, decided that he needed to create new gods to advice human of how to succeed over there animal brethren. However he was not powerful enough on his own to create the new gods so he asked Vermana for power to help him, Vermana was hesitant but she agreed to help for she also grew attached to the human creations, despite the unflattering title of the "Goddess of Death".

The 8 Gods[edit]

The 2 gods created new gods: Turelezo: the god of nature and farming, he tells the humans how to grow plants and raise animals how animals but also to respect and keep to preserve natural order of the nature around them, Perezina: the goddess of leisure and arcane magic, who would remind the humans that to much work is not a good thing and that taking sometime for leisure is very important, she also created arcane magic to make tasks easier allowing the humans to have more time for leisure, Jestica: the goddess of community and discipline, she taught humans the importance of the have strong community to work together and also that bad deeds should not go unpunished to keep order, Codicallo the god of trade and money, he taught the humans the importance having a system of currency to trade with others to allow them to have the resources, Sabrindo: the god of Wisdom and conservation taught the humans the importance of deep thought and that it is important conserve your resources for when you really need it, Intellgra: the goddess of knowledge and psionics, she taught the humans the importance of the studying and investigating the world around them and rewarded some of the brightest humans to use there mind for more then thought with power of psionics, Pendella: the goddess of strength and self-reliance, who taught importance of being strong, if not physically then mentally, and that relying on others is dangerous puts you at danger at being betrayed, and finally Verstol the good of fish, travel and adaptability, who taught the human fishing techniques and the importance of adapting to any situation. The 8 taught the philosophy to the humans and humans quickly split up with different groups following the philosophy of the gods.

What happens next depends on which god you ask

The Good Gods Story[edit]

If you ask Torelezo, Pereznina, Jestica or Codicallo (or one of their followers), they will tell that those 4 gods quickly became the preferred gods of the people and that the other four gods, Sabrindo, Intellgra, Pendell, Verastol, got jealous of them and starting killing humans that were not worshiping them, Dadlemom, was of course furious and sealed the four murderous gods away into a box for their misgivings, if only because he wasn't quite powerful enough to kill them. He then decided that allowing the gods directly manipulate the world around them made them far to powerful, so he decided that the 4 remaining gods would not be allowed to manipulate the world around directly or even speak with the generally populace, but instead that they would grant a small amount of there power to humans of there choice, if they wanted to do anything else (such as create a new species) they would need his approval, he also decided that sense he was hindering the power of gods that did nothing wrong, he would reward there good behavior, by allowing each of them to create a new human-like creature, commonly referred as a race, created however the god desired as long as it was of relatively equal power to that of a human. Torelezo created the Elves to care for the forrest. Perezina created Gnomes, small, weak but likable creatures blessed with innate arcane magic. Jestica created the Dwarves an orderly and hardy bunch. Codicallo create the Halflings, small creatures with a knack for money and trade. The four gods also made a bunch of agreements that all gods have to follow. However Vermana was upset, she loved all of deaths the other gods were calling and released souls back into mortal world to create a dark age in order to get Dadlemom to agree to resummon the sealed gods.

The Evil Gods Story[edit]

If you ask Sabrindo, Pendella, or Verastol, or one of their followers (however not Intellgra or her followers she has her own versions), the four "evil" gods were the four most popular gods in the land. The four "good" gods got jealous and decided to seal away the other gods in order to get revenge and made an agreement among themselves to create the new races. This was done against the will of Dadlemom and Dadlemom in his rage made the "good" gods release the "evil" goods from the box and told them that the "evil" gods must be included in the deal, and as such the "evil" were released and created there own races: Sabrindo created the somewhat feeble but hardworking and resourceful Kobolds, Pendella created the strong Orcs, Verastol created the adaptable Ans in four varieties (Aquans, Magmans, Skyans, and Burrans) and Intellgra created the curious and intelligent Goblins

Intellgra's Story[edit]

Intellgra has her own version of events that aren't share with any other gods. In the time of events all eight gods were fairly popular, some were more popular than others but neither the "good" or the "evil" gods had a clear majority, however the gods (both of the "good" and "evil" variety) were cutthroat about having worshipers and would regularly use actions such as bribery of power, money and goods even blackmail and murder to get more worshipers. So the four gods we now know as the "good" gods, bonded together, and decided in order to the reduce the chaos, that two things need to be done, first off they needed to seal away the other four gods to both increase the amount of follows they have and reduce the madness, second off the four made agreements with each other about how they were allowed to influence the earth. They went to Dadlemom, and Dadlemom seeing the chaos around hestitantly agreed to it, helping them seal away the other gods. During the time the "evil" gods were sealed, the four "good" gods created a narrative that only the four "evil" gods were the ones causing problems and four "good" gods had to seal them away. Vermana, think it was entirely unfair to just arbitarily seal away four the gods when all were causing problems, wanted Dadlemom to either seal away all of the new gods, or release the four sealed gods and make them part of this agreement, and if he didn't agree to one of the two, she would release the spirits of afterlife to the mortal plane (it's not entirely clear to Intellgra how serious this threat was). Dadlemom knowing sealing all the gods would cause outrage (as sealing away the four "evil" gods did cause outrage among alot of people), hesitantly decided just release the four "evil" gods and have agree to the agreement of the gods, which Intellgra actually expanded and made much more of an organized system.

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