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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Hourglass
Home Plane: Prime Material
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Arcane Knowledge, Elves, Fate, Foresight, Knowledge, Learning, Magic, and Secrets
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Charm, Knowledge, and Magic
Favored Weapon: Dagger


Caladon began his life as a Silvanesti Elf from House Mystic named Lothos Caladon. After coming to the age of reason, Caladon took it upon himself to study the magical arts in their entirety; because of this, he was labeled "Dark Elf" and was banned from the forests of Silvanost. After studying the arts of enchantment heavily at the Tower of Wayreth, Caladon and his new found allies found themselves attempting to stop the conquest of the famous archmage, Raistlin Majere. In order to end the magestorms that Raistlin had created by originally slaying Takhisis, the heroes found themselves in ancient Istar at the time of the last King-Priest. Caladon and his companions slew Fistandantulus in order to prevent Raistlin from ever becoming the Master of the Past and Present. In doing this, they unleashed the horror of the God-Priest upon Krynn. It fell upon the heroes to fell another great wickedness. In preparation to defeat this man-god, Caladon searched the world in order to find his unborn soul; when he found it, he absorbed it into himself. By taking on this awesome feat, Caladon became two people at the same time: the Master of the Past and Present. Due to this new found power, Caladon stepped in and stole the future of Raistlin Majere. Due to his unmatched arrogance, Caladon located and absorbed the unborn souls of both Raistlin and Crysania. The mortal, Lothos Caladon, and his companions defeated the god-priest, but this was not enough for Krynn to rest.

Shortly, Caladon urged Serros Middark and the remainder of the Conclave of High Sorcery to rebuild the Towers of High Sorcery, and to step beyond their original glory by building the final two towers. Caladon took his place on the Conclave, and quickly ascended to take his position as the Master of the Black Order. At this pinnacle he reamined for over one-hundred years as the Daughter of Paladine, They that are Called Majere, The Two Heads of the House of Caladon, the Master of the Past and Present, the Master of the Black Order of High Sorcery, and the Master of the Tower of Palanthas. The three gods noted this young mage's ambition and aberration. They stepped from their divine planes, and tested the conglomerate of souls that compiled this Silvanesti elf. Previously in his life, he had been given to Nuitari; as he aged, he dedicated himself to the balance of Lunitari; still, in this, his final age, his soul chose the secrecy of the Unseen Moon. At the end of his test, the soul of Majere labeled Caladon with his accursed hour-glass eyes.

In his two-hundred years, Caladon had researched countless new spells; he was as renowned as Vincil de Jerva in his zeal for the Towers of High Sorcery. After instating the fabled Magocracy of Ansalon, he was swept away by a long-forgotten deity of another realm. The dark deity stole time away from Caladon, and urged him to learn a respect for life and the living. In order to fulfill this punishment, Caladon was forced to feed on the souls of the living to maintain his own sustenance. He was not able to merely drain, but the donor had to be willing to supply some of their own essence to ensure his survival.

Toward the end of his mortal life, Caladon had found countless spells in various dimensions and had relocated them to Krynn. Utilizing the powers of the three moons, this powerful elf had mastered not only his favored enchantment, but also all of the magics of Krynn. Beyond the magics of Krynn, he rediscovered the powers of Chronomancy. This was the reason that the Three Cousins finally asked Caladon to come with them. In leaving the people around him, Caladon removed himself as a mortal from the memory of Krynn via the Mindrape spell; he keeps all of the earthly memories of him in a chest in his realm.

When he experienced his apotheosis, Caladon released the souls that he had previously stolen from the River of Time. His own soul would go on to be reborn; Raistlin and Crysania would grow to join the ranks of the Heroes of the Lance. Caladon would take his place as the god of Generalist Wizardry and Silvanesti Elven Magic; he would also serve as the slightly more chaotic side of magic. Now, his hourglass that he stole from Raistlin sits in the sky as his constellation.

Mortal Names and Titles[edit]

Silvanesti Name: Mela en i' Nelde Ithil [Beloved of the Three Moons]

Common Name: Lothos Caladon, House Mystic


They That They Call Majere

The Daughter of Paladine

The Two Heads of the House of Caladon

The Master of the Past and Present

The Master of the Tower of Palanthas

The Master of the Black Order of High Sorcery

File:Lothos Caladon.wav

The voice of the mortal Caladon when he still possessed his second soul as well as those of Raistlin Majere and Crysania Tarinius.

Mortal Family[edit]

Wife: Rose Wind of Palanthas; Human turned Celestial turned Ascendant Qualinesti Elf turned Goddess


Arithil Caladon; Master of the White Order of High Sorcery, and High-Priest of Caladon

Ayra Caladon; Wife of Lorac Caladon, and Mother of Alhana Starbreeze

Abishai Caladon

Ascent and Godhood[edit]

The following is the only recorded history of Caladon's mortality. As the Great Library of Palanthas recorded his elven history, one is able to only find torn pages remaining. It appears that Krynn's history was not meant to be written as it was. This letter is the only thing that was put in its place. Some disciples have tried to destroy it as heresy, but the letter cannot be destroyed. Powerful mages have attempted to wish it away, and their attempts have been to no avail. It seems that the letter has been written so that the few who are allowed to remember will never forget.

As our three moons shone over Krynn, the nameless one of many titles found himself at war with all that he was able to survey. From his perch high atop the Tower of Palanthas, Lothos Caladon began to realize all that must come to pass. Having now lived for an exponentially longer time than had even the eldest of gods, he of the woods of Silvanost heard the Dark One, Nuitari, me whisper into his ear. It was I that called for him to join me at long last; he had been the greatest servant that I or my cousins had ever known. Solinari knew within his heart of hearts that he would never win the battle over the souls of the Master of the Past and Present; Lunitari had once held sway over this elf, the most gifted of mages; still, it was I who his soul had chosen before he lived, and it was I who his mind chose as it overcame his heart.

He of the two-souls called out to his god in his own dreams. Though his heart was becoming content and complacent in its new time, Lothos realized that this was not his true place. It was he and his companions who foiled the schemes of the greatest renegade wizard the Conclave of High Sorcery had ever labeled, Fistandantalus, but the inevitability of what was to come to pass still found its way. After slaying he who shall no further be named, Lothos and his companions found themselves at greater odds with a king-priest who had claimed Paladine as his own. Again, the champions St. Plunk High-Demon-Clawer, Steeleshatter Bearfriend, Anor Anel (for gods remember the true names and faces of those who have never been), Rose Caladon, and Lothos Caladon brought down the reign of mortal, and returned Krynn to the gods. As the world seemed to be returning to balance and moderation, evils like the world had not seen since its infancy came back into being.

The Two Heads of the House of Caladon and I have had long discussions as to which paths his life should follow. He has seen many roads, but at all times, he has remained loyal to us, his gods. It was for that reason that we stepped down and twice tested his soul. Still, all of that Lothos is, was, and ever will be has fallen to the moons beyond all others. It is for that reason that we now call for him to be by our sides. Though he has served us well as the Master of the Past and Present, the Master of the Black Order of High Sorcery, and as the Master of the Tower of Palanthas, it is his time to serve in his greatest capacity to date. From this point forward, Lothos Caladon will step beyond the realm of mortality: we are granting this man his greatest desire. The dark elf will step outside of time and space, but he will be ever part of the mortal world. He shall join us, by our sides, as our collector of knowledge. He has been a great proponent for magic and its research in the world of Krynn, but we need him to step beyond even that capacity. He will now serve by our hands in finding magic outside of our domain and realm of existence.

With his departure, he leaves behind many who knew and loved him. That is not of his volition, it is of mine. I feel that Krynn is becoming too enfranchised with powers that are unlike those foretold by the High God. Were it not for Lothos and his traveling companions, the Slayer of Worlds would never have awoken, Mordred la Fey would have not been able to bring about magic to our world that we banned millennia ago, and eventually Raislin Majere would have taken his place either among the gods or ridding us from existence. You will make do without having this man amongst your ranks. It was never his place to stand in the world as he does, but his desires have outweighed his destiny. If the world does begin again as it has countless times, I doubt that the time will come when my uncle, Lunitari’s father, will be required to scribe, “Lothos Caladon experienced his apotheosis.” Time will not, however, skip a beat; the River will continue to flow as it is meant to. This is the only memory of Lothos Caladon, House Mystic with which I shall leave you. Beyond this, I will have used one of Caladon’s favored spells: Mind Rape. Find yourselves enjoying your lives; you have helped us enjoy ours.

Dearest Everyone,

I find it extremely difficult to scribe this letter to you all. Time has given us something that no one else has been able to experience: eternity. We have found ourselves in each other’s company since great times in the future. Plunk, Rose, Dru, and I came here in order to stop the ascent of Raistlin Majere; in doing so, we have broken what the world was meant to be. As destiny would have it, I was never meant to meet any of you, but I am grateful that I have. As the gods have deigned, I should have never outlived them, but I have and shall.

This is not to say that we shall never meet again; simply, we as we are shall never again meet. In approximately two-hundred years, a new child shall make his way onto the face of Krynn: he is to be called Lothos Caladon. He will eventually don the Black Robes of Nuitari, and for doing so, he shall be exiled from his community. He will find his way to the Tower of Wayreth, and he will study with great fervor under LaDonna. Do not intervene in his life; allow him to do what he is meant to do. Eventually, he will wed Alhanna Starbreeze, and he will take his place beside the queen of the Silvanesti elves. That will be his reacceptance into his own community. He has chosen his path, and the remainder of his destiny is foretold; allow it to come to fruition.

As I am now, I was never meant to be; it is for that reason, I will soon step away from it all. My family, I do not know how life will treat you, but be aware that I will always be watching over you. I realize that you are all capable of handling yourselves, but that does not replace the rending that it will do to my heart each time that I see you. I know, however, that it was my own audacity and tenacity that pushed your lives in peril far too frequently. Were it not for my desire for knowledge, we would have settled down well in Palanthas, and life would have been simply grand. Rose, I broke your heart far too many times; now, I will leave you with no memory of me other than this. Realize, however, that when you look our son, you are looking at his father. He and I are kindred spirits in that we knew each other far before his own conception. What you love and hate in him, that is what you have loved and hated in me. It is now that I leave you for my rightful place. I only hope that one day we are reunited; if we are not, it was never meant to be. I will find a way to accept that in immortality, but I will never truly leave your side. Fear not, I shall serve as your omnipresent yet never present guardian and lover.

My traveling companions, beyond my wife and child, you have been the family that I have known and have lived with for centuries. Anor, I had very little time in which to grow comfortable with you. Still, our bantering about with one another was some of the greatest fun that I ever had. I would like to give you something that I know you always wanted. Nuitari and I have written it into your mind and the minds of everyone else that you have always been the husband of Rose Wind of Palanthas. You are the father of her progeny; you will also serve as the Master of the Black Order of High Sorcery. That is a god’s gift to you.

Steeleshatter, I simply cannot believe the metamorphosis that I witnessed you undergo. This past century has been one of great allegiance between you and me. I realize that I tried to persuade you to join the Towers, but at this point, I ask you to go and simply make the world a better place. Do not serve as a martyr, but as an evangelist on the greatness of the natural order of things. I cannot say that I was one because of my aberrant pursuit of life; you, however, can boast that more fully than any elf, irda, or human. Your time of adventuring shall not end, but your days of violence will begin to slide into memory.

Plunk, what am I truly able to say to you? Though we did not always agree about methods, our ends were typically the same. You were not accepted by society nor was I, but have saved it time after time. My last act as a mortal was not one with which you would have agreed; luckily, her name has been removed from the records as well as mine. Still, we have come a long way in our time together. We have come from being two vagrants living on the street to being two of the greatest heroes that the world has ever known…or not known in my case. Leave the Towers, they are not the place for you; they never have been. Bureaucracy is not your strong point; it never has been, but that is what has led us back to the time that we now know as home. Habbakuk and I shall speak of you more fully once I am settled into my new abode. Until then, your first friend will be watching you from the sky. My dear, you have taught me one thing if nothing else: from this point, I shall be more a man of action than thought. I shall think, but not too much. Action is just as important as planning. It takes both to get us somewhere in life: like good and evil, both are required to validate the other. It’s the Law of Stew, wouldn’t you agree? Watch after your children, but do not discourage them too greatly from taking the paths that they have chosen before meeting you. Paths are made to be followed, not altered all of the time.

To the Towers of High Sorcery, do not allow bureaucratic principles to hold you down from what you desire the most: magic. I have collected the deepest secrets of each of the towers and orders, and I have placed them in my Tower of Palanthas. These are not secrets that mortals were ever meant to acquire: Nuitari assures me of as much. It is for that reason that until the Master of the Past and Present comes to claim what is his, the Tower shall remain cursed. Cinder Caladon, my former apprentice, has given her life to fulfill the Curse that has again been placed upon this tower. In its stipulation, I and only I shall gain entrance to it until the Master makes his way home. The spell that I used to absorb my own soul has been taken with me in my precious Tome. I leave with you the medallion that I granted Serros Middark; that is to remain with the Master of High Sorcery as a symbol of the position’s true power: magic free from Curse of the Magi.

It is with this and a tear that I leave the world that I have crafted with my own hands. I go now to serve as a scribe for the gods of magic; I shall join them by their side in a search for unadulterated magic. I ask that you all do your part to make the world continue. My traveling companions and family, you will each have found a ring on your hand. The rings are made unique for each of you, but they grant each of you three wishes. Plunk, I realize that you must pass yours on, but the power resides in the token, not the ring itself. These wishes are limited to requests that are concerned with me: for instance, if you would ever like to make my acquaintance; that may be one of your wishes. If you would like my intervention in either combat, meetings with the Conclave, or conversation, that may be your wish. I will determine what is acceptable and what is not.

I leave you all now, and it is with this that I wish to be remembered. Evil is not evil when wielded by one with restraint. Good is not good until it is seen in moderation. I have seen evil devour itself, but I have seen good do the same. Knowledge can seek to destroy you; ignorance surely will. Love, however, will never betray you. I leave you all with my deepest love. Look to the center of the sky, between the two great dragons, there you will find me. In the sky, my hourglass now rests.

With the Greatest Admiration and Adoration,

He Known Solely as ‘Caladon’


Where there is goodness, vanquish it.

Where there is wickedness, devour it.

Where there is balance, disrupt it.

Where there is magic, seize it as your own.

When one is need, help them with your power.

When one is in desire, hoard from them your power.

When your time has ended, your power is supreme.

Where there is destiny, embrace it or break it; it is your own.

-Dogma of Caladon

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Beyond apprentice mages, most of the clergy of Caladon are composed of clerics that desired a connection with the three moons, but were not gifted in the arcane arts. Rogues also make up a hefty sum of Caladon's followers as they are gifted in sneaking about, and finding long-lost relics of arcane and divine power. The temples in which they reside are more akin to libraries and spell laboratories rather than traditional temples. Nonetheless, most who pursue knowledge and power for any reason find Caladon a suiting deity. Many wizards are not interested in specializing when they join the Towers of High Sorcery; Caladon is the medium through which they worship and study in order to have the magical gifts of the Solinari, Lunitari, and Nuitari channeled into them.

[1], Omniarcanist of Caladon

Battle Tactics[edit]

Caladon prescribes to his followers an interesting form of combat. He suggests to them that they deal with life-threatening enemies as they would with political enemies: charm and persuasion. The Trickster Mage is obviously not referring to strictly physical charm; rather, he is implying that his Omniarcanists use enchantment magic to turn the tide of battle. Many religious and arcane historians account this to Caladon's own battle techniques. It is rumored that the Hidden Archmage was not above alleviating his enemies of their free will; and in times of great peril and stress, Caladon would simply use the disintegrate spell to rid himself of his enemies; as he became more educated, he learned to simply remove his enemies from the River of Time and even erase their True Names from existence. No one can be sure of the latter, but it almost certain the Trickster Mage would have used enchantment to a great deal as he now shares that Domain with Nuitari. Whatever his tactics may have been, he suggests that his Omniarcanists rely on their own magical aptitudes rather than wasting time with mortal weapons.

Other Names[edit]

The Hidden Archmage

The Trickster Mage

The Omniarcanist

The Hourglass in the Sky

The Master of the Past, Present, and Future

Physical Description[edit]

Caladon appears as an extremely gaunt Silvanesti Elf. He stands approximately 5'4" and he weighs a mere 74 pounds; as he sacrificed his body countless times for his magic, his body has been the price that he has sacrificed. His tied-back hair is as black as Nuitari's unseen moon, and his ivory skin glows with the radiance of Solinari's. His face is extremely feral in appearance with sharp distinguishing features and no facial hair. His spectacle hidden eyes are a deep emerald, but at their centers reside silver hourglasses as a punishment for stepping in and seizing the future of the renowned archmage, Raistlin Majere. His taught skin reeks of pure arcane energy, and his gloved hands radiate malice. Were he to remove his tight, black gloves, one would see the twisting about of various energies for this god must feed on souls and magical energy to sustain himself. Caladon's body is perpetually draped in fineries (including many magical rings, belts, cloaks, and even a Vest of the Archmagi), but all of this concealed by his earthly robes of the Black Order of High Sorcery. Perpetually, his slender, gloved hand is found clutching an ebony staff capped with an onyx, and it is lain in golden trim and leaves; the morose deity continually taps the staff against the floor of his great library while walking or not. A crystal ball resides on his desk, and occasionally this Dark Elf looks up and glances at a young White Mage who holds his position as the Master of the White Order of High Sorcery. Caladon typically sighs and returns to his scribing and meticulous research.

Lothos and Rose.jpg

This image is of Caladon dancing with his earthly bride, Rose Wind Caladon of Palanthas. Their otherworldly bodies are being guided by the will of the Lunitari, Nuitari, and Solinari.

Character Statistics[edit]


CR 52

Male Silvanesti Elf Wizard 10 / Black Order 30
N Medium humanoid (elf)
Init/Senses +12/low-light vision; Listen +71, Spot +75
Languages All, Perpetually under the effects of Tongues
AC 66, touch 46, flat-footed 48
(+8 Armor, +13 Divine Deflection, +6 Perpetual Spell, +18 Dexterity, +12 Divine, -1 Flaw, Damage Reduction 47/+4)
hp 680 (40 HD)
SR 64
Fort/Ref/Will +43/+48/+53; +2 Against Enchantment
Speed 120 ft. (24 squares)
Melee Staff of the House of Caladon +61 (1d6+25/20)
Base Atk/Grp +40/+53
Abilities Str 37, Dex 46, Con 32, Int 59, Wis 38, Cha 37
SQ Elven Weapon Proficiency
Feats Persistent Spell, Extended Spell, Improved Counterspell, Epic Counterspell, Counter Magic, Epic Casting, Extra Rings, Vatic Gaze, Heighten Spell, Spell Focus (Necromancy), Greater Spell Focus, (Necromancy), Epic Spell Focus (Necromancy), Jack of All Trades, Countenance of the Mage, Ears of the Mage, Feet of the Mage, Spell Focus (Evocation), Greater Spell Focus (Evocation), Epic Spell Focus (Evocation), Name of the Mage, Presence of the Mage, Elven Spell Lore, Focused Mind, Improved Spell Capacity, Spell Focus (Enchantment), Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment), Epic Spell Focus (Enchantment), Still Spell, Silent Spell, Innate Spell (Extended Dominate Monster), Innate Spell (Silent, Still Charm Monster, Mass), Innate Spell (Extended Hold Monster), Innate Spell (Control Undead), Energy Substitution, and Scribe Scroll
Skills Bluff +70, Craft (Calligraphy) +79, Craft (Poisonmaking) +79 Concentration +64, Decipher Script +81, Diplomacy +70, Forgery +79, Gather Information +72, Intimidate +70, Knowledge (Arcana) +111, Knowledge (Architecture) +99, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +103, Knowledge (Geography) +99, Knowledge (History) +103, Knowledge (Local) +103, Knowledge (Nature) +83, Knowledge (Royalty and Nobility) +103, Knowledge (The Planes) +103, Knowledge (Religion) +103, Knowledge (True Name) +103,Listen +71, Profession (Scribe) +30, Sense Motive +71, Sleight of Hand +75, Spellcraft +111, Spot +75, Survival +71
Possessions Bracelet of Resistance, Wand Bracelet, Bracelet of Resistance, Greater Truedeath Crystal, Robe of Arcane Might (Enchantment), Nightsuit (Great Silence, Great Shadow, Great Agility, Great Balance, Called, Healing, Greater Healing, Magic-Eating, Great Stamina, Etherealness, Glamered), Robe of Eyes, Spectacles of Arcane Knowledge +20, Cloudwalker's Anklets, Gloves of Object Reading, Glove of Storing, Glove of Storing, Headband of Teleportation, Lavendar and Green Ioun Stone, Lavendar and Green Ioun Stone, Ring of Universal Elemental Immunity, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Spell Battle, Ring of Mindshielding, Ring of Wizardry IX, Rod of Ropes

Epic Mantle of Spell Resistance, Cloak of Arachnida, Wings of Flying, Assassin's Staff, Magebane Staff, Staff of Abjuration, Staff of Charming, Staff of Conjuration, Staff of Corruption, Staff of Darkness, Staff of Defense, Staff of Divination, Staff of Domination, Staff of Earth and Stone, Staff of Enchantment, Staff of Etherealness, Staff of Evocation, Staff of Fire, Staff of Frost, Staff of Healing, Staff of Illumination, Staff of Life, Staff of Malediction, Staff of Necromancy, Staff of Passage, Staff of Pestilence, Staff of Planar Might, Staff of Power, Staff of Size Alteration, Staff of Swarming Insects, Staff of the House of Caladon, Staff of the Planes, Staff of the Winds and Sky, Staff of the Woodlands, Staff of Transmutation, Staff of Tricks, Staff of Vitalization, Staff of Waves and Depths, Antimagic Shackles, Bag of Holding (Bags), Bag of Holding (Home), Bag of Holding (Money), Bier of Resurrection, Boot Blade (Soul Drinking), Boot Blade (Soul Drinking), Cabinet of Stasis, Chaos Flask, Colossal Scorpion Poison x20 ([DC: 58] [Initial: 2d8 STR, Secondary: 2d8 STR]), Crystal Ball (True Seeing), Dagger, Elbow Blade (Soul Drinking), Elbow Blade (Soul Drinking), Gate Key, Grimorie of the Ultimate Arcane Knowledge (Trapped with Dominate Monster (Resets)), Knee Blade (Soul Drinking), Knee Blade (Soul Drinking), Magic Ink, Nightgem x3, Potion of Cure Critical Wounds x50, Rock of Calm Emotions: "Shut Up!", Sleeve Blade (Soul Drinking), Sleeve Blade (Soul Drinking), Wheel of Fortune, Vest of the Archmagi, Shiftweave, Hat of Disguise, Belt of Magnificence +12, Assassin's Dagger

Salient Abilities

Alter Reality

Arcane Mastery


Control Creatures

Divine Spellcasting

Hand of Death

Extra Sense Enhancement

Increased Spell Resistance

Instant Counterspell

Possess Mortal

Know Secrets

True Knowledge




Energy Drain

Ability Drain

Ability Damage









Death Effects




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