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Caesar's Legion, almost universally reviled for allowing slavery and its brutal "lessons" to so-called profligates, is a slaving empire that has conquered dozens of other tribes in the name of it's dictator, Caesar.


In 2246, a Follower of the Apocalypse named Edward Sallow traveled with a research group, studying Tribal languages. During the trip, Sallow and his companions were capture by the Blackfoot Tribe. At the time, the Blackfoot Tribe was locked in a war against seven other Tribes, and was losing badly. Sallow, in an effort of self-preservation, taught the Blackfoot members about gun maintenance and military tactics. The tribe admired Sallow so much that they made him their leader. With that, he took the name of Caesar, and took to reorganizing the tribals into the Legion.

Over the years, the Legion waged war against 84 other tribes, conquering all in their way. Eventually, all of the land east of the Colorado River and west of the Mississippi was considered firmly under the rule of the Legion.

The Profligates of the Far West[edit]

As of late 2280, the Legion began to send scouts to probe farther to the west. Quite soon, they discovered New Vegas, a veritable den of the vices Caesar decries for destroying humanity: alcohol, chems, and other weaknesses of the human spirit are to be had there. Much to the Legion's despair, another organized military seemed to be trying to win New Vegas to its own tribe. Over a few short months, the Legion marshaled its forces for an invasion of the territory. Quite quickly, the focus of the battle shifted from the cleansing of New Vegas, which turned into a nearly impenetrable fortress against both the Legion and Republic, but a war with the New Republic of California. Despite their brutal losses, the Legion clearly maintained the upper hand, and was holding its ground around the walls of New Vegas while waiting for reinforcements from the rest of the Legion.

The Society and Stalemate[edit]

In 2282, Society scouts discovered the savage battle in New Vegas. In short order, the Music Appreciation Society found itself locked in a vicious war with an uncompromising foe. In 2 years, the casualty count for on all sides rose to unsustainable levels, and a truce was grudgingly formed between the two opposing sides: the NCR and Society versus the Legion. Ritfied in the only neutral territory between the three tribes, the New Vegas Concord outlines firm borders for all three, and any who unwittingly cross into the wrong territory are at the mercy of the invaded nation. While the Legion executes any and all trespassers, the Republic prefers to interrogate and imprison those it captures.


Caesar's Legion capitalizes on the percieved weakness of humanity following the Great War of 2077. Caesar is working to conquer the world, and unite it under a single flag. He believes (or at least teaches) the nuclear war was a gift from Mars, the Roman god of war, sent for this express purpose. Caeser finds democratic societies to be tools of the rich to keep the majority of people in a state of irresponsibility, pacified with alcohol and chems while the wealthy drain them of money and dignity. Only those with self-control can be truly considered humans; all others are animals. Here are a few of the principles of the Legion:

  • Based on the ancient Roman Empire, the Legion is governed as a military dictatorship by Caesar
  • Democracies are reviled for favoring the wealthy over the worthy. Advancement in the Legion is merit-based
  • Alcohol, chems and stimpacks are forbidden in the Legion, as they are seen to oddle the weak and keep one from focusing on the benefit of the Legion as a whole
  • Unlike the NCR and EU, the Legion is one solid organization, not comprised of states. All members of the Legion associate themselves with the Legion first and foremost


While the Legion controls more than enough land to have access to a significant technological advantage over the NCR, they eschew technology, veiwing it as degrading and the cause of the Great War. Thus, most Legionairres specialize in melee weapons, such as machetes and spears. With the battles against the Society and Republic, automatic weapons are also being issued with some regularity

Important Members[edit]

Edward Sallow (Caesar)[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Charismatic, Ambassador

Role: Emperor of Caesar's Legion

While working for the Followers of the Apocalypse, Edward Sallow was kidnapped by a tribe in dire straits. While Sallow and his companion, Joshua Graham, were originally kidnapped for trespassing, they saw the tribals who had kidnapped them were faring badly in a war against 7 other tribes. Sallow, observing the inept commanders of the tribe, and not wanting to perish along side them, set about educating them in advanced military tactics. In time, the other tribes were defeated, and Sallow was declared emperor. Taking the name Caesar, he set about conquering the rest of the wasteland, and giving those he conquered a purpose beyond mere survival.

Joshua Graham[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: Tough, Dreadnought

Role: Military Commander

While not a particularly savvy commander or tactician, Joshua Graham has a ferocious reputation in battle. Caesar named him his second-in-command, or his Legate. Recently, though, Graham has been living on thin ice, after leading his troops directly into an ambush during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, resulting in a catastrophic loss to the NCR. Caesar has given Graham a temporary stay of execution, but the Legate's time is running out. Within the next year, the Legate must atone for his disastrous blunder, or he will be coated in tar, set aflame and tossed down the Grand Canyon. Graham is thus eager for any opportunity to enter battle, particularly against the Society, which he sees as an easy target.


While the Legion has yet to contact any of the other major tribes, here is a relatively good prediction of how it will relate to others:

  • Music Appreciation Society: The Society and the Legion are virtually on opposite sides of the spectrum; while the Society works to provide for all of its citizens, only the strong survive in the Legion. The Legion sees a nation that coddles the weak. The Society sees a nation of slavers that care nothing for the innocent. A conflict between the two was almost unavoidable.
  • New California Republic: The New California Republic's war with the Legion was only exacerbated by fundamental differences in structure and beliefs. The Legion will not compromise its ideals by allying, or even trading with the NCR. While both sides respect the New Vegas Concord, each quietly prepares for the day when the treaty will not be enough to allow the tribes to coexist.
  • European Union, The Reborn Coalition of Soviet Nations & People's Republic of Asia: The Legion is too occupied with its fortifications and plots against the NCR and MApS to have had much contact off of the continent. While it has been slowly pushing too the east coast of North America, it simply will not spare the forces required to contact or fight off continent. This being said, the Legion is almost entirely opposed to any governance style other than its own, and has no more patience for the Eurasian tribes than the North American ones.

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