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Burst Brawler[edit]

Armed with a custom-crafted shotgun-gauntlet, Burst Brawlers take to the front lines immediately, mercilessly blasting and beating down on a single target.

DISCLAIMER: This class is based on the work of Monty Oum in the form of his character Yang Xiao Long. I take no credit for any ideas, abilities motifs, or anything else, as this is a class made by a fan for his character.

Making a Burst Brawler[edit]

Burst Brawlers are designed to work as heavy hitters, drawing fire away from rogues and sorcerers and taking most of the damage.

Abilities: Strength is the most important ability for a Burst Brawler to have, as it gives them the strength required to handle the kickback from their unique weapon. Constitution is a close second, giving the Brawler more of a fighting chance. Intelligence is next best, allowing the Brawler to learn new techniques as they grow more powerful.

Races: Any race can be a Burst Brawler.

Alignment: Any.

Starting Gold: 2d8x4 due to the weapon of the Burst Brawler.

Starting Age: As Monk.

Table: The Burst Brawler

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throw Special Burst Brawler Unarmed Damage
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +2 +0 Improved Unarmed Strike, Burst Gauntlet 1d6
2nd +2 +0 +3 +0 Dodge, Evasion 1d6
3rd +3 +0 +3 +0 Burst Tree: Break or Take/1 1d6
4th +4 +1 +4 +1 Pulling Punches 1d8
5th +5 +1 +4 +1 Burst Tree: Break or Take/2, Aided Jump 1d8
6th +6/+1 +1 +5 +1 Clip Increase/1 1d8
7th +7/+2 +2 +5 +2 Burst Tree: Break or Take/3, Bullet Upper 1d8
8th +8/+3 +2 +6 +2 Stunning Fist 1d10
9th +9/+4 +2 +6 +2 Burst Tree: Break or Take/4, Clip Increase/2 1d10
10th +10/+5 +3 +7 +3 Bullet Upgrade 1d10
11th +11/+6/+1 +3 +7 +3 Burst Tree: Break or Take/5, Improved Dodge, Improved Evasion 1d10
12th +12/+7/+2 +3 +8 +3 Clip Increase/3 2d6
13th +13/+8/+3 +4 +8 +4 Burst Tree: Break or Take/6 2d6
14th +14/+9/+4 +4 +9 +4 Red Cartridge 2d6
15th +15/+10/+5 +4 +9 +4 Burst Tree: Break or Take/7, Clip Increase/4 2d6
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +5 +10 +5 2d8
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +5 +10 +5 Burst Tree: Break or Take/8 2d8
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +5 +11 +5 Clip Increase/5 2d8
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +6 +11 +6 Burst Tree: Break or Take/9, 2d8
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +6 +12 +6 Dempsy Roll 2d10

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Balance (Dex), Craft (Ammo) (Int), Craft (Mechanical) (Int), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (Local) (Int), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spot (Wis), Tumble (Dex)

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Burst Brawler.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Burst Brawler is proficient in only his Burst Gauntlet, the dagger, punching dagger, and light mace as back up weapons should their Burst Gauntlet fail. He is also proficient with light armor, and Hide, Scale Male, and Chainmail Armor.

Improved Unarmed Strike: The Burst Brawler gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.

Burst Gauntlet: Burst Gauntlet: The Burst Gauntlet is a device that wraps around the wrist and slightly onto the arms. When activated (Move Action, as well as a Move Action to compact; free action with Quick Draw both ways), the Gauntlet springs up and activates, turning into a full gauntlet, covering the Burst Brawler's hands, fingers, and arms up to their elbow, which provides them a +1 deflection bonus to their AC, which is lost when they are helpless, immobile, and against Touch AC (This stays against Flatfoot due to the potential of the attacker missing a vital spot, or lack of the Burst Brawler's arms being held up, allowing them to move their arms for deflection.) The Burst brawler's Gauntlets deal the brawler's unarmed damage with a critical range of 18-20x3

At first, the Burst Gauntlet carries two bullets in each gauntlet. A firing mechanism is found in the fingers of each gauntlet, and with proper pressure, a bullet can be fired. The bullet's deal 2d8 damage, but only have a Melee range before taking a negative to hit. The bullets can be fired from 10ft away and every 10ft more is a -2 on the attack roll. Reloading the entire Burst Gauntlet takes a full round action (With the Quick Reload, reduces this to a standard action) and provokes an attack of opportunity. Reloading a bullet into the chamber (As in loading in a fresh shell) only requires the Burst Brawler to throw back their arm to load in the shot (As such, a fresh shell is always reloaded after a Bullet is fired due to kickback). When attacking, the Burst Brawler must call out if the he wants to use bullet system. If the unarmed attack misses, so does the bullet.

When the Burst Brawler is first given their pair of Burst Gauntlets, the Gauntlet has multiple barrels at which to fire the bullets. One is facing towards the fist (dubbed the Main Chamber), allowing the bullet to be fired in tandem with an attack. One barrel comes from the back of the gauntlet, over the elbow (Dubbed the Elbow Chamber). Two more barrels come out at the sides of the gauntlet, one on the left and right (Dubbed Left/Right Chamber). The Burst Gauntlet runs the risk of overheating due to the firing mechanism. With each shot fired, the Burst Gauntlet's Heat Gauge increases by 4%, and cools off by 2% per round, increasing with a cumulative 1% for each round after the first whenever the gauntlet is not fired. Dropping the Gauntlet in cold water cools it instantly. When the Heat Gauge reaches 27%, the gauntlet tingles with heat, though causing no damage to the Burst Brawler. Once the Gauntlet reaches 44%, the Burst Brawler takes 1 point of damage for every round they have the Gauntlet on if they fire it, and this is constant for higher levels. At 61%, the Burst Brawler takes equal damage to the amount of Fire damage they dealt with the bullet. At 75%, the the Gauntlet deals double the fire damage as recoil, and has a 25% chance of breaking if firing a shell. At 90% or higher, the Burst Brawler takes three times the fire damage as recoil, and has a 50% chance of breaking the Burst Gauntlet with a melee attack with it, or firing a bullet. At 100%, the Burst Brawler takes four times the fire damage from the Burst Gauntlet, and causing the Burst Brawler to break as soon as their attack finishes.

Rebuilding a Burst Gauntlet costs 85 GP x the number of modifications on the Burst Gauntlet, and takes 12 hours to make, which do not need to be cumulative.

Crafting ammo takes 25 GP per bullet, and takes 1 hour with the correct materials (Simple ingredients to craft ammo). Special ammo CAN be made, which is up to DM's discretion as to what it does, make, and the other limits of it.

Note: The Burst Brawler's Gauntlets can be enchanted, however, their ammo cannot.

Dodge: At 2nd level, the Burst Brawler gains Dodge as a bonus Feat.

Evasion: At 2nd level, the Burst Brawler gains Evasion as a bonus Feat.

Burst Tree: Break or Take: At 3rd level, the Burst Brawler can pick from one of two Trees, Break and Take. Once a skill is chosen from a Tree, they cannot pick skills from the other Tree. Note: Every bullet fired in these skills, even if not dealing damage, still increase the Heat Gauge.


Break Point: By expending a bullet from the Elbow Chamber, the Burst Brawler increases their Strength Mod by +4 for the duration of the attack. A Main Chamber attack cannot be used while using Break Point.

Break Point Ii: Requires Break Point. By expending a bullet from the Elbow Chamber, the Burst Brawler increases their Strength Mod by +6 for the duration of their attack. They can also use a Main Chamber Bullet from this attack.

Rapid Feint: By throwing a successful feint, the Burst Brawler can use a Main Chamber bullet to stop his attack before dealing Burst Gauntlet damage to deal the bullet damage, and brace themselves for an upcoming attack, granting a +3 BAB until their next turn.

Rapid Feint II: A Burst Brawler may give up their bonus BAB in place of a free attack at their lowest base attack bonus, and can either expend a Elbow Chamber shot to increase the Strength Mod by +4, or from the Main Chamber to deal the bullet damage.

Rocket Upper: By throwing an uppercut, and by expanding a bullet from the Elbow Chamber, the Burst Brawler can cause himself ans their target to rise 5ft off the ground.

Drop Smasher: Requires Rocket Upper, Level 7. By rotating their body and using their other hand, the Burst Brawler can expend a bullet through the Elbow Chamber, can cause their fist to rocket into the target's skull with a +4 Strength Mod, as well as 1dd4 + STR MOD damage from hitting the ground (If ground is soft, as in mud, sand, ect), do not add in the collision damage from the floor.

Body Check: Using a successful Grapple check, the Burst Brawler can fire off two bullets in total at point blank range at their target. This knocks the target back 5ft and breaks the grapple check.

Straight: Requires Body Check, Level 7. By expending one more shell in each Gauntlet, the Burst Brawler can rush towards the opponent to deal an extra attack at their highest BAB, and against Flatfoot AC. The Burst Brawler cannot use a bullet from the Main Chamber while using Straight.

Straight Smasher: Requires Level 9, Drop Smasher. After using Straight, the Burst Brawler may use Drop Smash at the end of the attack, however they may only use an Elbow Chamber bullet for the attack.

Gut Shot: Throwing a punch at the target's gut and expending a bullet from the Elbow Chamber, the Burst Brawler can render the target at their Touch AC until their next turn.

Gut Shot II: Requires Gut Shot, Level 13. After preforming Gut Shot, the Burst Brawler may chain in other skills that they know, such as Rocket Upper, after the attack at their next Base Attack Bonus.

Double Upper: Requires level 9. With a successful melee attack, the Burst Brawler can fire a bullet out of the Main Chamber to knock the target slightly off their gauntlet. They can now make a second attack (at their next Base attack bonus if any, if not at a +2 Base Attack Bonus), adding in the second fist and bullet from their Main Chamber. This can be chained into Drop Smasher if they have a third Base Attack Bonus, or extra Attacks of Opportunity from the Combat Reflexes Feat.

Rocket Straight: Requires Rocket Upper, or Double Upper. After knocking their target into the air, they can throw a straight punch at their target for normal Melee and Bullet damage, fired from their main chamber. This sends the target flying for 30ft.

Back Breaker: By preforming a successful Grapple check, the Burst Brawler can toss an enemy slightly behind them, spinning with them and firing a bullet from their Elbow Chamber, dealing damage from the gauntlet and increasing their Strength Mod by +4 for the attack. If the attack is a critical, the Target suffers a massive hit, and prevents them from taking strenuous activity.

Ragdoll: After a successful grapple check, the Burst Brawler can throw his target towards a wall, into the air, the floor, at another target, or anyway they can think of and physically do. By expending a bullet from each Left/Right Chamber in the Gauntlet, the Burst Brawler gains a +8 to their Strength Modifier to throw the target, which deals 1d8 + the new Strength Modifier for damage.

BackDoll: Requires Ragdoll and Back Breaker; Level 13. By combining the two skills, the Burst Brawler cause the target, if they live the Ragdoll attack, to remain heavily damage and prevents them from moving.

Down n' Dirty: By successfully stomping their foot on the target's foot (A grapple check, using the Burst Brawler's Dex and Str Mods, and the Target's Dex Mod), the Burst Brawler can pin the target in place and renders them Flatfoot and open to Attacks of Opportunity from the Burst Brawler. Once the Burst Brawler fires a bullet from the Burst Gauntlet, the target is freed due to the impact and is sent 5ft away from the Burst Brawler.

Down n' Dirty II: Requires Level 13, Down n' Dirty. After the successful check from Down n' Dirty, the Burst Brawler may make three Bullet attacks before the target is freed. These attacks must be done in a 1-2-1 (Left, Right, Left) or a 1-1-2 (Jab, Jab, Hook) fashion. The 1-2-1 Fashion deals normal damage, however the second 1 deals an extra + 2 Strength Mod due to the arm being cocked back from the bullet. The 1-1-2 deals extra damage in the form of +4 Strength Modifier from the 2, firing a bullet from the Elbow Chamber and not the Main chamber.

Down n' Dirty III: Requires Down n' Dirty, Down n' Dirty II, level 15. Following the rules of Down n' Dirty for grapple checks, the Burst Brawler may now do a total of five bullet attacks before the target is freed. These punches maybe be done in any 1 (Off Hand/Jab) and 2 (Main Hand/Hook) fashion. Giving them numbers and patterns helps define damage better. Also in doing so, the Burst Brawler may be able to (With DM's permission) chain the attacks into other attacks, such as Ragdoll, Back Breaker, or Rocket Upper. All last hits do and extra + 4 Strength Mod due to the last bullet being fired from the Elbow Chamber. Combo Example: 1-1-2-1-1 (Jab, Jab, Hook, Jab, Jab); 1-2-3-3-4 (Jab, Hook, Body Shot, Body Shot, Uppercut); 1-1-2-2-4 (Jab, Jab, Hook, Hook, Uppercut); 1-3-3-2-4 (Jab, Body Shot, Body Shot, Hook, Uppercut). Other patterns are allowed, and using numbers/letters helps keep them in check.

Barrage Requires Level 9, 4 Bullets per Gauntlet. The Burst Brawler can attack in a similar fashion to the flurry of blows skill. He gets up to three attacks with each hand, each at a -4 to hit, without using the Burst Gauntlet's Bullet system. A Burst Brawler can either fire from the Main Chamber to deal extra bullet damage and increasing the -4 to a -6, or fire from the Elbow Chamber to remove the -4 Penalty. If they chose to use the Bullets at all, they reduce the number of attacks they get with that hand by 1.

Barrage II: Level 13, 6 Bullets per Gauntlet. By learning to control their movements, the Burst Brawler reduces the penalties of the attack to -2 per each attack, and can make up to 4 attacks with each gauntlet. However, each attack after the first two increase the penalty with a cumulative -2. The same rules apply for Barrage II with bullet skills as did Barrage.

Barrage III: Level 18, 12 Bullets per Gauntlet. With total control of his movements, the Burst Brawler removes all penalties from the attack, only adding a cumulative -2 to each hit per arm with he adds in a bullet to each attack.


Throw Down: The Burst Brawler may use the Main Chamber of their Burst Gaunt in conjunction with a Disarm attempt to rip the weapon from the target's hands. Add in the damage of the Bullet to the check.

Crack and Shatter: Requires Throw Down, level 5. By using the Main Chamber to fire a bullet in the disarm attempt, the Burst Brawler may instead of taking the weapon, deal the bullet's damage against the weapon in an attempt to break it.

Sweep: By expending a bullet from the Left/Right Chamber, a Burst Brawler can add the damage of the bullet into a Trip Attempt, sweeping their arm at the target's legs.

Rise: Requires Sweep. After a successful Sweep, the Burst Brawler may make an Attack of Opportunity against the target in the form of an uppercut, dealing both melee and bullet damage.

Swat: Using a bullet from any of the four chambers, a Burst Brawler can add in the damage of their bullet to their Deflection AC against melee or ranged attacks. This cannot be used in their Flatfoot or Touch AC. He can only use one Gauntlet to do this with.

Swat II: Requires Swat. A Burst Brawler can use a bullet to quickly react to oncoming ranged attacks. He gains the Deflect Arrows Feat as long as he can expend a bullet to deflect a projectile.

Swat III: Requires Swat, Swat II, Level 13. A Burst Brawler can use both Gauntlets to stop attacks, adding in both Gauntlet's Bullet damage.

Swat IV: Requires Swat, Swat II, Swat III, level 15. A Burst Brawler can now use two bullets (One per Gauntlet) to stop any over sized projectile, such as ballista arrows, catapult arrows, and stone throwers.

Flak: As an immediate action and against melee attackers only, once per round, a Burst Brawler can throw a punch and fire a bullet to act as a distraction to the attack. If the attacker is close enough, the Burst Brawler can hit them with the bullet for damage. The DC to continue the attack is a Reflex save of DC 10 + Burst Brawler's Bullet Damage + Burst Brawler's Intimidate Skill. if the attack fails, the Burst Brawler can make one Attack of Opportunity regardless if he has Combat Reflexes.

Flak II: Requires Flak, 4 bullets per Gauntlet. The Burst Brawler can down throw two punches to stop a melee attacker, increasing the DC from 10 to 20. This follows the same rule as Flak.

Burst: By expending a bullet from his Elbow Chamber, a Burst Brawler can increase their Land Speed by 10ft for the turn. This is a Move action.

Burst II: Requires Burst, Level 9. After Burst, the Burst Brawler can expend a second bullet to give themselves another +10ft Land Speed. if they come into contact with an opponent, they may make a free Grapple or Bull Rush check with a +4 Modifier for speed. This opens them to an Attack of Opportunity.

Guardian Arm: By expending a bullet, a Burst Brawler can add in the bullet's damage into an ally's deflection AC if they are within the Burst Brawler's reach. He can only target one ally with this, and cannot use Swat, Swat II, Swat II, or any other skill to defend himself/another ally.

Flashbang: By firing a shot from the Left/Right Chamber while throwing a punch, the Burst Brawler can startle a target with a Will DC of 10 + Burst Brawler's Bullet Damage + DEX MOD. If the Target fails, the target is rendered Flatfoot for the attack. The Burst Brawler must call that he is using this attack before hand.

Matched Blows: Level 9. The Burst Brawler may attempt to match his blows with the target's. By rolling for an attack and expending a bullet if the Burst Brawler's attack beats the target's, the Burst Brawler gets a free Attack of Opportunity, though only one. If the attack rolls are equal, the Burst Brawler and the target are in a Lock Down and are both Flatfoot until one is hit. If the Burst Brawler loses, he is considered flatfoot.

One-vs-One: If the Burst Brawler is being flanked from the left or right, not from behind, and in melee range, he may expend a bullet to throw a punch towards that target, with any of the four chambers (if it is the Elbow Chamber, it gives a +4 Strength Mod to blow them away). If it connects, the target is knocked 5ft away from the Burst Brawler and deals normal damage.

F*ck Off!: Requires One-vs-One, Level 12. If the Burst Brawler is being flanked from three sides, and all three are in melee range, the Burst Brawler may expend one bullet. from any of the four chambers (As per usual, Elbow Chamber grants +4 Strength Mod to knock them away) per target to attack each of them, dealing normal damage if it connects and knocking them away 5ft. If one attack misses, the Burst Brawler is open to an Attack of Opportunity from each of the targets.

Twist: By using a Left/Right Chamber, the Burst Brawler can gain a +2 Dodge AC by expending a bullet from both Gauntlets. If the attack misses, the Burst Brawler is given an Attack of Opportunity against the target. This skill can only be used when the Burst Brawler is being targeted by a melee attack.

Weave: By using the Main Chamber shot, the Burst Brawler gains a +2 Dodge AC by expending a bullet from both Gauntlets. if the attack misses, the Burst Brawler is then sent back 5ft.

Bob: By using the Elbow Chamber, the Burst Brawler gains a +2 Dodge AC bu expending a bullet from both Gauntlets. The Burst Brawler is sent towards the target and is allowed a free Grapple attempt if the attack misses.

(New moves for both Break and Take can be created at any time via an agreement between Burst Brawler and DM.)

Pulling Punches: At 4th level, the Burst Brawler can make his unarmed damage deal half Lethal and half Non-Lethal damage at one. However, he cannot use bullets when he uses this ability.

Aided Jump: At 5th level, the Burst Brawler can expend a bullet from the Elbow chamber to increase their Jump check by +3.

Clip Increase: Once at 6th level, and every three levels after that, the Burst Brawler increases both of his ammo clips by 2 per upgrade, to a maximum of 12 per gauntlet at 18th level.

Bullet Upper: Once at 7th level, as a free action, a Burst Brawler may use a bullet from each Gauntlet to propel himself back onto his feet after being knocked onto the ground.

Stunning Fist: The Burst Brawler gains Stunning Fist as a bonus feat at 8th level. He may not use any bullets, however, when using the Stunning Fist attempt.

Bullet Upgrade: AT 10th level, the damage of the Gauntlet's bullets increase one die size.

Improved Dodge: Once at 11th level, the Burst Brawler gains Improved Dodge as a bonus feat.

Improved Evasion: Once at 11th level, the Burst Brawler gains Improved Evasion as a bonus feat.

Red Cartridge: Once at 14th level, the Burst Brawler may fire all the bullets in one Burst Gauntlet in a series of rapid attacks. After a successful Grapple check, the Burst Brawler will not let go of the target until all of the bullets in their selected Burst Gauntlet are gone, dealing their Melee damage + Bullet damage with each hit until the bullet chambers are empty. Doing so overheats the Burst Gaunt in use and renders most of the Burst Brawler's skills unusable.

Dempsy Roll: At 20th level, the Burst Brawler develops a powerful counter. If a target fails an attack on the Burst Brawler in any way, the Burst Brawler may take a free action, once per battle to unleash the Dempsy Roll. By expending every bullet they have in their Burst Gauntlet, the hits the target with a total of 24 hits (40 hits if Epic Level), half from the Gauntlets and half from the Bullets. Doing this overheats the Burst Gauntlets and renders them unusable for the day. The only thing a Burst Brawler may do is take off the Gauntlets to prevent damage from the heat.

Epic Burst Brawler[edit]

Table: The Epic Burst Brawler

Hit Die: d12

Level Special
21st Burst Tree: Break or Take/10, Clip Increase/6
23rd Burst Tree: Break or Take/11
24th Clip Increase/7
25th Burst Tree: Break or Take/12
27th Burst Tree: Break or Take/13, Clip Increase/8
29th Burst Tree: Break or Take/14
30th Clip Increase/9, Give and Take

2 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Burst Tree: Break or Take: The Burst Brawler continues to gain skills of their select tree

Clip Increase: The Burst Brawler continues to increase the size of the Burst Gauntlet's chambers, each increasing it by 2, for a maximum of 20 per Gauntlet.

Give and Take: Once at 30th level, the Burst Brawler may now pick and choose 14 skills in total from the Break or Take tree, letting them vary up the way they can fight. The option to keep all 14 skills in Break or Take is still valid.

Human Burst Brawler Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: Burst Gauntlets.

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor
Craft (Ammo) 4 Int -
Intimidate 4 Cha -
Knowledge (Local) 4 Int -
Tumble 4 Dex -2

Feat: Weapon Focus (Burst Gauntlet).

Bonus Feats: Combat Reflexes.

Gear: Chain Shirt, bedroll, trail rations worth a week of food, water skin, 4 ammo clips (two for each gauntlet), backpack.

Gold: 2d8x4.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Burst Brawler[edit]

Religion: The Burst Brawler worships as they please.

Other Classes: The Burst Brawler gets along well with other front line fighters and rogueish classes, as well as enjoying the support of magic classes, mainly the cleric.

Combat: The Burst Brawler can fill in for a decent Fighter if one is missing, but usually require more back up due to the lack of armor.

Advancement: Rogue, Fighter, and any other classes of the like work wonders for the Burst Brawler.

Burst Brawlers in the World[edit]

I can do more damage with one arm behind my back that you could with all of those weapons put together!
—Amadeus Rondo, Human Burst Brawler

Daily Life: Simple mercs for hire usually, bodies guards for others.

Notables: Amadeus Rondo.

Organizations: Burst Brawlers can be found in many different guilds and organizations.

NPC Reactions: The general reaction is generally positive.

Burst Brawler Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Arch/Eng) can research Burst Brawler to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (Arch/Eng)
DC Result
5 The Burst Brawler is a type of monk.
10 Using their Burst Gauntlet, the Burst Brawler can deal massive damage in little time.
15 The Burst Gauntlet is a powerful, shotgun-like device that enables powerful and quick strikes.
20 With great training, the Burst Brawler can be an unstoppable killing machine.

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