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—A poor goblin, Clan Leader, the goblin invasion of the small town of Goznik

The builder is a non-combat class. You wouldn't want to walk into a trap with him. Not only because he is useless in melee but also the completely random gigantic structure that he would build in his panic. A Builder builds and that is all he does.

Becoming a Builder[edit]

A Builder marched with a ranged ally or ranged himself is a powerful combination. While a ranged ally can hold off enemies for those few essential round a builder can make defenses that will allow the party hold out until either the danger passes or they defeat the enemy (let's not talk about the third option). Having a decent builder in the group can also help with difficult terrain by building ladders and bridges.

Entry Requirements
Race: Any Dwarf / Human
Skills: Knowledge(Architecture and Engineering)(Int)10 Ranks Craft(Structure)(Int)
Items: Builders Bag
Table: The Builder

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st 0 2 2 0 Tier 1 Building - 5 BP
2nd 1 3 3 0 Build on the Move - 10 BP
3rd 1 3 3 1 Tier 2 Building - 15 BP
4th 2 4 4 1 Remove Structure - 25 BP
5th 2 4 4 1 Tier 3 Building - 35 BP
6th 3 5 5 2 Building on the Run - 45 BP
7th 3 5 5 2 Tier 4 Building - 60 BP
8th 4 6 6 2 Combat Building - 75 BP
9th 4 6 6 3 Tier 5 Building - 90 BP
10th 5 7 7 3 Building with the Flow - 110 BP

Class Skills ( 6 + Int modifier per level)
Balance, Climb, Craft, Handel Animal, Knowledge(Engineering), Profession, Tumble, Use Magic Device, Use Rope

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Builder.

Building Points: Referred to as BP, Building Points are the core of the Builder. Each round a Builder can put the number of BP that his level grants him into a project. This is only limited by at the beginning of an encounter a builder needs to roll use magic device * strength modifier for the amount of BP that he has for the encounter. Outside of combat he has his level BP every minute.

Tiers of Building: Each Tier of building consist of several parts a Builder can build using BP. In a Tier there is a wall, two wall add-ons, a wall modifier, an earth changer, and a Trial helper. Building causes an attack of opportunity and you can build in any adjacent squares.

Table: Tiers
Tier Wall Ad-dons Modifier Earth Changer Trail
1 Wood Wall Top-Spikes / Walkway Normal Height Scared Earth On Wall Ladder
2 Stone Wall Roof / Smooth Rim Half Height Removed Earth Dual Access Bridge
3 Reinforced Wall Archer Ports / Murder Holes Double Height Flatten Earth Free Standing Ladder
4 Iron Wall Smooth Outer Wall / Gate Thick Wall Grow Earth One Access Bridge
5 Mitral Wall Draw Bridge / Tower Hallow Wall Solidify Earth Stairway to Haven


Wood Wall - 5 Hardness / 60 HP / 5 BP

Stone Wall - 8 Hardness / 90 HP / 8 BP

Reinforced Wall - 8 Hardness / 180 HP / 16 BP

Iron Wall - 10 Hardness / 100 HP / 22 BP

Mithral Wall - 15 Hardness / 120 HP / 38 BP

Ad-dons: Ad-dons use the tier material that the wall is made out of. This will be referred to as TW. They may also be made out of different materials from the wall. These are TM. BEWARE, you may need to use MATH.

Top Spikes - TWd6 piercing when passed over. / TW BP

Walkway - A stable path for people to walk on the wall. While on the Walkway the wall only grants half cover. Comes with stairs or ladder up. / 5 BP

Roof - Grants full cover from projectiles with vertical momentum. / TM*2 BP

Smooth Rim - Smooths the rim of the wall making it impossible to attach a grapling hook. / 10/TW BP

Archer Port - Grants full cover to the person behind it while still being able to attack. / TW+2 BP

Murder Hole - These stick out over the wall allowing things to be dropped on attackers. / 10 BP

Tower - It's a tower complete with stair case. / 12+TM per 10 feet BP

Gate - A 10 foot wide gate that can swing open and close. / TM*2+4 BP

Draw Bridge - A 10' wide and 10' tall bridge that can swing open and close. / TM*3+10 BP

Smooth Outer Wall - This changes the climb checks on any wall to impossible. / 20/TW BP


Normal Height - This is a 10' tall wall that doesn't change the cost

Half Height - This wall is 5' tall and cost half BP

Double Height - This wall is 20' tall and cost double BP

Thick Wall - This wall is twice as thick and has twice as much HP. It also cost twice as much BP

Hallow Wall - This wall actually two walls and comes with a walkway. It functions as a hallway and has triple the BP cost

Earth Changer:

Scared Earth - The ground is considered rough terrain | 1 BP

Removed Earth - Create a 5' deep, 5' diameter hole | 5 BP

Flatten Earth - Rough terrain is now smooth | 10 BP

Grow Earth - Create a 5' mound of earth | 25 BP

Solidify Earth - By infusing his blood in earth a Builder makes all Earth in a 200' radius immune to move earth and stone to mud and visversa | 25 HP / 50 BP


Ladder on Wall - Creates a ladder leaning on a wall | 2 BP per 5'

Dual Access Bridge - Creates a bridge but the Builder has to have access to both sides | 5 BP per 5'

Free Standing Ladder - Creates a ladder straight up | 10 BP per 5'

One Access Bridge - Creates a bridge and the Builder only needs to access one side | 25 BP per 5'

Stair Way to Haven - Creates a Stair way going on a 45 degree angle that last for two round that goes up 50' the Builders on top | 50 BP

Building on the Move: Once per turn after making a completeing or stopping structure a Builder can make a 5' step and continue building if he has leftove BP for that round

Remove Building: a Builder can remove a building he has made as if he could cast dispell item on it. Ignore the bag's rules on this one

Build on the Run: Once per turn after making a completeing or stopping structure a Builder can make a full move action and continue building if he has leftove BP for that round

Combat Building: A builder nolonger invokes an attack of opertunity when building in range of an enemy

Build with the Flow: A number of lvl of Builder he has per turn after making a completeing or stopping structure a Builder can make a 5' step and continue building if he has leftove BP for that round

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Builder[edit]

Combat: A Builder can hold his own for a while with his large HP and good saves but can't do much damage with his low BAB.

Advancement: A Builder goes good with any ranged class and might go stealth to get out of their falling constructions to come back another day.

Resources: There are many builders in the world, anyone and their brother can be a builder; but there are very few are true Builders and when two meet there is an instant bond. Most of the time they keep in touch if they ever part. If a Builder sends for help from another Builder the situation is very dire.9 out of 10 time the other Builder will come; most likely to help and laugh at the other.

Builders in the World[edit]

That looks like a nice spot for a fortrace. Can we stop here for a night?

There are few true Builders in this vast world and most of them are in a dungeon

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Builder Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in knowledge history can research Builders to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
11 This man can build.
16 These Builders need a speicaly built bag.
21 Some of the builders 10 second walls have lasted centurys.
26 You don't want to say "Just build what you can" because they will build it and they will come.

Builders in the Game[edit]

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