Bucket of Everlasting Porridge (3.5e Equipment)

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|marketprice 15pp An ordinary looking wooden bucket brimming with a tasteless, lumpy gruel. Strangely enough, it is not unpleasant, not so much as first glances imply; still eating it is a chore, but one that pays nicely. Porridge regenerates as quickly as it is removed. I would not upend it if I were you...

  • you can eat from the pail once per day, but must take a fortitude save against the nausea from doing so. You can consume as many servings as you wish, until you fail the fortitude save. If you succeed, refer to the list below. For each tier, you still get the above benefits (meaning add +5 to attack for 1, do the same for 2 as well as the conditions listed for it). The porridge lets you harness your inner strength, yet everything has its cost. Attacks against you are granted combat advantage, and deal 1d4 additional damage for every serving beyond 5. Once the porridge wears off, your AC falls to half, and your hp to 3/4.

  • 1 serving DC8 +5 to next attack roll
  • 2 servings DC11 +1 square movement speed
  • 3 servings DC14 if you move adjacent to an enemy, add your speed in squares to the damage roll
  • 4 servings DC17 gain an extra standard action this round
  • 5 servings DC20 gain an additional attack action.
  • 6 and beyond: DC increases by 3; each serving gives an additional 1d6+1/6 strength score damage to melee attacks (or 1d6+1/6 intelligence score to spells) and a 50% chance (3 or 4 on 1d4) that the attack will not consume an action.

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