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Brown Moss pellet[edit]

Brown moss pellets are made from brown mold, a bit of poison, and magical wax. They are sold in 6, 12, 24, and 50 packs. Typically, brown moss pellets are used to protect the user from sudden bursts of fire or to cool down a burning area. They will typically be put in pockets and for a fee can be sewn into clothes at any tailor. When the Pellet comes in contact with fire or high heat, the wax covering the mold will melt off and the moss will suddenly expand and consume all of the fire up to 10 feet of flames will be replaced with moss every turn, deals damage to fire elements 5d10. The mold will then, after one turn wither and die. The moss dies so quickly that it will not deal any cold damage. Though once in a while the poison is weakened and takes 1d5 extra turns to die, If this happens the players will take 1d6 of nonlethal cold damage every turn after the first. The moss pellet may be put in the character's pocket, This will protect one side from fire damage one time with a 10% failure, it may be thrown with 0% chance of failure, or it may be sewn into your clothes for protection on one side with 0% chance of failure. The pellets a somewhat common and can be found in magic shops and some equipment shops.

Cost:2sp for 6 4sp for 12 7sp for 24 and 1gp for 50

it will also cost 2cp to have the pellet sown into the jacket

weight: .1 ounce for every pellet

extra notes[edit]

SRD:Dungeons#Slimes.2C_Molds.2C_and_Fungi If your party is walking in a very hot climate (90F), you may want to make secret rolls on a d6 to see if the pellet bursts open. Any additions are accepted.

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