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Bronze Plate Mail[edit]

Heavy Armor Armor
Check Speed Price (gp) Weight Properties Base Type
Bronze Plate Mail () +7 -2 -1 40 40 lb. Bronze Plate Armor

Bronze plate mail is an earlier, cheaper version of plate mail, and consists of thick bronze plates worn over leather or padded armor. Because it does not use iron-based metal, this armor is immune to the effect of rust monster attacks and similar perils. However, its protective quality is not as as good as regular plate mail.


Bronze Plate Mail is considered to be light armor for the purpose of attacks that target the wearer. [[category:]]

Magic Bronze Plate Mail[edit]

Magic armor adds an enhancement bonus to AC. Magic appears at higher levels and grants higher armor bonuses than its mundane counterpart. Magic armor always has an enhancement bonus, and the price of the armor material is incorporated into the overall cost of the magic armor.

Level Enchantment Bonus Armor Bonus Total Bonus to AC
1–5 +1 +7 +8
6–10 +2 +8 +10
11–15 +3 +9 +12
16–20 +4 +10 +14
21–25 +5 +11 +16
26–30 +6 +13 +19

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