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Broken Stalwarts[edit]

The Broken Stalwarts, previously known as the Broken Lords (3.5e Race) were a once fallen people. Once, they were a great empire, ruled by justice, honor and duty. The people were happy, living on the fertile plains. They tamed the forests and wildernesses, made magic and machines of awesome power and the land was at peace. Then, the Black Rot came. A hideous plague that literally dissolved its victims from the inside out and spread like wildfire. The magics and medicines of the empire could do nothing against this scourge, so the wizards tried to find a way to save their people. The only way that they could come up with was to bind the souls and minds of the populace into suits of armor, removing their bodies from the clutches of the Rot. However, the only way to keep the bound souls 'alive' was to feed of the souls of others, a practice that flew in the face of the spirit of the empire. However, with no other choice, they people agreed to this, thinking that the wizards would surely find another way to feed them soon enough. 1000 years later, the Broken Lords have managed to find a way to regain a physical body while retaining all their experiences from their incorporeal form.


The life of a Broken Stalwart is extremely honor bound and just. If you obtain the word of one of the Broken Stalwart, it will never be retracted; even in the face of death or the destruction of the soul. However, thanks to the recovery of their physical body and the recovery of a bonding agent for their soul besides a simple casing of armor, the Broken Stalwarts have begun their goal of restoring their once great people as well as atoning for their past actions of taking souls in order to continue their own existence.

Physical Description[edit]

Broken Stalwarts appear as normal humans usually with varying colors of skin, hair, and eyes which are enclosed in suits of armor. The suits of armor are often ornate and always appear to be of excellent quality and kept on most of the time by a Broken Stalwart as they have spent so much time previously inhabiting one of these ornate suits.


Broken Stalwarts are often isolationist because they feel ashamed of the lengths that they had to go in order to previously survive. When they do interact with other people, they keep their true natures a secret, for fear of being ostracized for their differences.


Broken Stalwarts are almost always Lawful and are most often Neutral or Good. However, other alignments are known to have happened.


Usually living in remote places thanks to their previous situation of not having a physical body when they were known as Broken Lords, the Broken Stalwarts usually live in towns, cities, or remote areas seeking redemption for their previous actions. Broken Stalwarts seeking redemption usually take on the role of a hero or savior becoming beacons of societies.


With their wish granted of regaining a physical form, the Broken Stalwarts have taken up faith again becoming semi-religious serving any god they please.


Broken Stalwarts speak Common and the Broken Speech, which only they can understand, as it relies on the direct communication of their souls, an ability that can only be used by someone who was a Broken Lord previously.


The Broken Stalwarts have two names, the one they had before they gained a physical body, and their new name taken after becoming whole again and a renewed people.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +3 Strength, +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity: A Broken Stalwart's new human body and their previous metal body gives him prodigious strength. Over their long lives they have gained an understanding of the world like no other, their perspective unclouded by the worries of the living.
  • Outsider Construct (Living Construct, Native)
  • Medium
  • A Broken Stalwart gains all bonuses from Construct (Living Construct).
  • A Broken Stalwart gains all bonuses from Outsider (Native).
  • A Broken Stalwart's base land speed is 20 feet as they are not accustomed to their new human bodies.
  • Bonus Feat: A Stalwart gains a bonus feat at 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level.
  • Soul Bound (Su): The Broken Stalwart's being is split in two, the humanoid body that lets him interact with the physical world and his soul infused armor. When a Broken Stalwart's reaches -10hp, he is not killed but his armor keeps his soul at bay preventing his death. If the Broken Stalwart's armor is destroyed while his body is at -10hp, his soul is released killing the Broken Stalwart. If the Broken Stalwart's body is destroyed but his armor remains, the Broken Stalwart will revert back to his previous being: a Broken Lords (3.5e Race) and he will have to find a new way to obtain a physical form.
  • Body and Soul (Su): Once per short rest, a Broken Stalwart can channel his previous experience being a soul bound in armor and become an Incorporeal being with 20hp. When a Broken Stalwart's armor is destroyed but his body remains, he may enter this form as a Free Action and remain in this form until he obtains or finds an empty set of armor to bind his soul with.
  • Dust Consumption (Ex): Broken Stalwarts are unique in the sense they do not heal normally nor can they sleep to heal as they do not require sleep due to their humanoid bodies' soul being linked to their armor. Healing spells do not affect them nor do potions. Healing abilities built into a class such as fast healing still affect the Broken Stalwart normally. As a Swift Action, Broken Stalwarts may consume refined gold dust, or in dire cases gold coins. For every .10oz of gold dust consumed the Broken Stalwart heals 1hp. A gold coin can heal a Broken Stalwart 10hp for every coined consumed. If the Broken Stalwart heals more than their maximum Hp, the excess Hp acts as Temporary Hit Points (maximum = Half of total Hp).
  • Flesh of Steel (Ex): A Broken Stalwart's armor being infused with their own soul grants them a +5 to their AC in addition to any other bonuses it provides. In addition, a Broken Stalwart cannot wear any armor besides full plate armor
  • Automatic Languages: Common and the Broken Speech.
  • Favored Class: Paladin, Fighter, or Cleric.
  • LA: 0

Vital Statistics[edit]

As Broken Stalwarts have lived so long in their previously un-aging bodies, their current mortal bodies age significantly slower to the point they seem almost immortal. Also due to their soul being linked to their armour, the vital stats of other races are irrelevant.

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