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Bravely Default Ranger[edit]

Ranger Conclave

These rangers are professional marksmen, who have a deadly focus on fighting against specific monsters. They are bowmasters, and are know for great agility and accurate shots. They tend to dress themselves in furs and masks, to emulate animals that they wear both as a ritualistic way of embodying the aspects of savage predators, and as well as a way of showing status, by adorning themselves with the skin of a dangerous quarry.

Monster Slayer (Replaces Conclave Spells)

Also at 3rd level, you become specially deadly when confronting certain types of creature. Once per turn, when you hit a creature from your favored enemy type, you cause spend a spell slot, and cause damage equal to 1d6, plus 1d6 per level of the spell slot spent.

In addition, you gain a new type of favored enemy. Choose one type of the following types of enemy: creature of sea or sky. You gain the following benefits for the chosen type:

Sky. You gain the benefits of Favored Enemy against any creatures that have a natural flying speed while those creatures are flying.
Sea. You gain the benefits of Favored Enemy against any creatures that have a natural swimming speed while those creatures are swimming.

At 3rd level, you can use your bonus action to increase your precision with your ranged attacks. When you do so, all ranged weapon attacks made until the end of this turn deal additional 1d4 damage on a hit.

Bow Lore

Starting when you choose this conclave at 3rd level, you have a deeper understand about bows. You can attune with one magical bow without spending attunement slots, and attuning with a bow only require an action.

In addition, you gain the benefits of detect magic and identify at will in relation to discover magical properties of bows.


Starting at 7th level, you can unleash a volley of arrows from a bow. Whenever you make an attack with a bow, you can choose to spend two pieces of ammunition to make two attacks, instead of one. Make an attack roll for each attack, and each attack must be made against a different creature.

On a hit, each creature take half the damage rolled. If the attack would have Advantage, all attacks made have advantage.

Paralysis Immunity

Also at 7th level, you are immune to the paralyzed condition.


At 11th level, each consecutive attack is more painful than the other one on a hit. If you hit a creature twice consecutively on the same turn, the second attack deals additional 2d12 damage.


When you reach the 15th level, you reach the peak of precision with your shots. Once per turn, when you miss an attack made with a ranged weapon, you can reroll that attack.

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