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Dwarf Subrace[edit]

Brae dwarves are perhaps the least dwarf-like of dwarves. They don't care much for the construction of lasting edifices, they rarely think much of whether or not the clan prospers and they are incredibly hedonistic, but they have a distinctly dwarf-like greed and hold grudges as well as any other dwarf. A brae dwarf cares more about the ale in his hand today than the money he will owe tomorrow.

Brae dwarves often live in abandoned villages or collections of ramshackle huts in or around the garbage of other races. The largest building in any brae dwarf settlement is always a feasting hall, regardless of the reason it was constructed. Brae dwarves put little effort into maintaining their homes, so while their villages are never in a state of outright disrepair, they are also squalid and unhygienic.

But do not misunderstand, the brae dwarves have just as much spirit and drive to work as other dwarves do: they work as hard as other dwarves do to avoid doing work unless it aligns with their interests at the time, seeking every excuse or reason, however small, to avoid work. Any reason will do for a brae dwarf. Holy day of contemplation for elves in a far-flung forest? That'll work! Local town festival starts next month? Sorry, I've just got to help out! When brae dwarves do decide to work, though, they give it their all, just as any dwarf would. Their artisans can create works as great as any other dwarf, rare though they may be.

While the stereotype of a filthy, stupid brae dwarf certainly exists, at least partly because the brae dwarves do little to dispel these notions, brae dwarves have the same capacity for intelligence as any other dwarf. Brae dwarves rarely care much for what others think of them and in return, they think little of others. The biggest exception to this rule is when other dwarves are involved. Understandably, brae dwarves have strained relations with other dwarves, who think of them as unreliable, lazy louts at best; a disgrace upon all dwarf-kind at worst, whilst brae dwarves think of their kin as stuck-up snobs who would do well to remove the sticks from their hindquarters.

Most brae dwarves have olive-brown skin and blue, green, or hazel eyes. Their hair ranges from dirty blonde to black and they often have scruffy beards and cheek hair. Unlike the majority of dwarves, brae dwarves are rarely lawful.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Brae Hardiness. You have advantage on saving throws against diseases.

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