Bozwevial's Contingent Abjuration (3.5e Spell)

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Bozwevial's Contingent Abjuration
Level: Wiz 7
Components: F; see text
Casting time: 1 free action
Range: Self or Close (25 ft +5 ft/2 levels)
Target: Caster or other individual(s); see text
Duration: 10 min/level or 1 min/level or 1 round/level; see text (D)
Saving Throw: None (harmless)
Spell Resistance: None (harmless)

This potent spell was intended to serve as insurance for wizards in need, but varies from the normal spell standards by quite a bit.

First, no focus is needed to cast the spell. Instead, the focus is only used in preparing the spell. Once the spell is prepared, the focus is only necessary when the spell is prepared again.

The spell needs no verbal or somatic components to cast. It takes place immediately after the caster has declared his intent to cast the spell, but only on his turn. No Concentration check is required to cast the spell under any circumstances, nor is casting this spell subject to an attack of opportunity.

When this spell is cast, the caster may choose one of the following spell effects: feather fall, jump, mage armor, alter self, protection from arrows, haste, invisibility, Blur, tongues, protection from energy, or water breathing. The caster then selects which version of the spell he wishes to cast, which determines who is affected by the spell. The caster may have the spell affect himself, another target, or himself and one other individual for every two caster levels he has. The variations on each version are as follows:

Caster only: The spell lasts 10 minutes per caster level. Once per round as a free action, the caster may change the spell's effect to another of the effects listed above. Doing so reduces the remaining duration of the spell by 10 minutes. If only 10 minutes or less remain, then the change occurs and the remaining duration is set to one minute. Attempts to change the effect further or to alter the effect once the 1 minute remaining mark has been reached do not work, and no further reductions in duration occur.

Other: If this version is chosen, the effect applies only to the selected individual. The effect lasts one minute per level. The same effect modification rules apply with the following exceptions: Only the caster can choose the effect or modify it (though he himself does not receive the benefits). Reduction in duration is 1 minute per change. With one minute remaining, the change reduces the duration left to one round and no further effect changes can be made.

Group: Each individual in range receives the effect, which is chosen (and can only be modified) by the caster. Duration is 1 round per level, and changes reduce the remaining duration by 1 round per level. When 1 round is remaining, no further effect changes can be made. Individuals under the spell retain the effect until the spell expires or the caster removes the effect from them.

While the spell's name contains the word abjuration the spell is actually universal which means that all wizards may cast it. Furthermore, any wizard may utilize any effect listed, even if it is from a prohibited school to them.

Focus: A hollow glass rod embedded with a fine wire mesh shaped into arcane symbols. The wire must be made of a composite mithril and adamantite blend. The craftsmanship of this piece is exquisite and has a value of 20,000 gp. While the component is not needed to cast the spell, only to prepare it, each component must be tuned to the caster before the spell can be prepared with it. The component must be on the caster's person while the caster is under the effects of at least three different spells listed above. If the component is tuned to a new caster and then recovered, it must be retuned. Each new component must be tuned before use.

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