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The Bow of Dragon's Sorrow[edit]

In ages past, the Dragons of Eberron waged a terrible war against the tyrannical Raksasha that ruled the world. The Raksasha, in their cities of iron, seemed indestructible until an entire race of dragons sacrificed themselves to banish the demon's home plane for all time. Unable to regroup, the demon were finally defeated and their stranglehold on the world was broken. However, not all of these demons were destroyed. Some went into hiding and slumbered through the eons, waiting for an opportunity to spread their evil once again. After their loss, the dragons decided to withdraw from the world and leave it for the lesser races, now free to create their own destiny. But first, to honor the sacrifice of their brethren, the dragons created a powerful weapon to combat the Rakshasa should any return.

The physical form of this weapon is that of a Composite Longbow made of the bone and sinew of a dragon. Its true power though, lies in the residual spiritual essence of those ancient dragon's sacrifice that the bow contains. Once in an age, when the awakening of a slumbering Rakshasa is imminent, the Bow can select a worthy champion to unleash this hidden power; the bow and its wielder become as one and the wielder takes on the spirit of those long dead dragons.

Basic Abilities[edit]

Any creature of Good or Neutral alignment may use the Bow as a +1 Composite Longbow that automatically adjusts to the users maximum Strength bonus. Additionally, a devout Good creature (Cleric, Paladin, Exalted, True Believer feat, etc) will receive a +2 Perfection Bonus to STR when attacking with the Bow.

Chosen Wielder[edit]

In times of need the Bow can select a wielder. This wielder typically must undergo a test of some sort to prove himself worthy. After that, for the chosen wielder the bow functions as a +2 Sacred Evil Outsider Bane Composite Longbow. Additionally, the wielder also gains access to the Disciple of the Bow racial class levels.

These are the extent of the known powers displayed by the Bow. Its possible that other powers exist but have not been unlocked yet.

Evil Creatures[edit]

Any creature of an Evil alignment that grasps the Bow is immediately engulfed in divine fire. Said creature takes 4d6 points of damage per round (half fire, half divine, no save). If the creature is an Evil Outsider, the damage is doubled and the creature must save as if affected by a Hold Monster spell (caster level 15th).

Bow Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge: Arcana or Knowledge: Religion can research the Bow to learn more about it. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge: Arcana or Religion
DC Result
11 A powerful warrior wielding a bow frequently shows up in times of trouble.
16 There is a magical bow, imbued with the spirits of dragons, that is deadly to those not of this Plane.
21 This bow has the ability to transform its wielder into powerful dragon to fight against an ancient demon threat.
26 The bow was created by the terrible sacrifice of an entire race of dragons. The bow wields the force of this sacrifice as it seeks to destroy any Rakshasa that escaped destruction in that ancient conflict. It is only seen when one of these demons is preparing to awaken.


Character must slay an evil outsider using only the bow.



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