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Book of Orcus's Hate[edit]

"The book of Orcus's Hate has been passed from one powerful user to the next. Scribed by a loyal thrall to The Prince of Undead, Calinor, it then fell to a monk of Graz'zt. When the book reached the temple, The Dark Prince sensed its presence, and called for his followers to bring it to his Keep. The Dark Prince kept the book for his own use for nearly two hundred years. While he was out on a "Trip", a brave, or foolish, cleric, who had set out to kill Graz'zt, came across the book. As the Book changed hands for the next fifty years. no one has claimed to have found it, or spoken a word about it. All its past owners have died with no trace."

The Book looks like a typical Necromancers Mage's Book. It is bound in black leather with silver engravings on the corners showing fine details as if done by a master craftsmen. All the pages are blank, with no signs of use. A closer inspection shows a Pentagram on every engraving. The final detail that one will see is a slot in the back of the book that holds a pitch black quill.

When someone writes anything in the book, whatever the topic, it 'Blinks' out of reality. If one writes about their own life, all their history is gone. No one remembers it. Nor are there any traces, even if it changes history. This does not make it as though one was never born, unless they speak of when they came to be.

If someone tries to scribe a spell, everyone that has knowledge of any version of the spell loses that knowledge, and the spell can no longer be used by any means. All text about the spell, not just scrolls, books, or pictures, is suddenly gone.

All objects go missing and all knowledge is lost of said object. If someone was using the item, or any events occurred with said item, all is wiped clean from history and all traces of the item are gone as well.

The only one that retains ANY knowledge of anything in the Book is the one who put it in. So if one person writes into the book, they are the only person to know of the subject.

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