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Bone Coin Level 10 Rare
This ivory token bears a skull on one side and a set of scales on the other.
Level 10 5,000 gp

Wondrous Item
♦ If you purchase a bone coin for at least 1,000 gp, knowing the powers and property it possesses, or if you pick up a bone coin that currently has no possessor, you become the bone coin's possessor. Only the possessor can activate the bone coin's power. You can only relinquish possession by dying, or by selling it for at least 1,000 gp to another person who knows the coin's property and powers.
Power (Teleportation) ♦ Daily (No Action)
Your bone coin teleports into your possession at the end of any extended rest, as long as the bone coin is on the same plane as you, whether or not you intend to invoke this power.
Power (Daily ♦ Polymorph): Standard Action. Until the end of your next extended rest, the bone coin appears to all outward appearances to be an astral diamond or other natural gemstone worth 10,000 gp. Until the end of the encounter, while you hold the coin in your hand in this form, you gain a +3 item bonus to all Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, and Perception checks. Activating this power, however, infects you with Reckoner Plague. If you already have Reckoner Plague, the disease automatically worsens one step.

Note: This lore applies to the Patronage Campaign Setting, for which the item was originally created:
The mighty Efthal created these necromantic tokens almost nine hundred years ago to commemorate a century of his Fifth Dynasty of the Second Empire. They were never truly a form of currency. Rather, Efthal used them to corrupt the weak and convert them into reckoners, miserly wretches that trade in spirits as money-changers trade in coin. It is said possession of a coin grants the bearer great commercial success, but slowly eats away at the owner’s spirit. A bone coin can only curse a victim who takes it in a willing trade; it must be a dear trade for which a person would willingly trade their spirit.

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