Bomber Discovered, Reward Posted (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for 4 Wir, Zarantyr[edit]

Bomber Discovered, Reward Posted!!

by Lucas Dionisus, Sharns Frontline Human Reporter

Evidence Located in the Destruction of the City of Passage

SHARN -- Mystics tending to the scene of destruction in Passage, Aundair discovered clues to the Identity of the bomber. They have released this pictograph of the suspect and warn any who may know or have known the assailant to be wary of him.

Insert Picture of Fahkyle

The House of Orien has posted a 100,000 Platinum Piece reward for his capture Alive, so that he might stand trial for his crimes. Any information in this case can be forwarded through to House Orien via local representatives of House Sivis. Information provided may lead to substantial rewards.

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