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Body Repair Weave Level 10+ Rare
A delicate weave of subdermal biowires stimulates and repairs the body's damaged tissue.
Level 10 5,000 gp
Level 20 125,000 gp
Level 30 3,125,000 gp

Item Slot: Subdermal
Prerequisite: You must have the Implant Cybernetic ritual performed on you before you can equip this item.
♦ You regain 5 additional hit points when an effect allows you to regain hit points or you are targeted by a power or effect with the Healing keyword.
Level 20:You regain 10 additional hit points.
Level 30: You regain 15 additional hit points.
(Machine Bonus): You gain regeneration 2.
Level 20:You gain regeneration 4.
Level 30:You gain regeneration 6.

Subdermal Slot

The subdermal slot is a new item slot for cybernetics only. It represents items implanted underneath the recipient's skin. As with other slots, only one item can occupy the subdermal slot.

Implant Failure

If the Implant Cybernetic ritual fails, the subject takes a -1 penalty to all attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws and ability checks. This penalty ends after three milestones.

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