Blue Dragon Storm Armor (3.5e Spell)

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Blue Dragon Storm Armor
Conjuration (Creation) [Electricity, Air]
Level: Electricity 9, Air 9
Casting time: 1 immediate action
Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour/level

The caster summons a storm and calls it's energy down onto the caster in a bolt of lightning. During the casting of this spell, the caster is converted into electricity, and is in the heart of the storm. After the casting time, the caster emerges within a lightning bolt that deals one target or an area 20d8 damage. This spell forms an armor around the caster that resembles a blue dragon. This armor gives the wearer the power of the blue dragon with the ferocity of a storm, increasing the casters AC by 2x the casters level. In addition, all ability scores are doubled, all attacks gain a +49 to their attack rolls and damage, land speed is increased to 100ft, and the caster gains fly (perfect) 200ft. The caster gains a spell-like ability that can be used as a free action, which is the breath weapon of a great wyrm blue dragon called Cataclysmic Cannon, which deals 24d8 damage in a 120ft line with a reflex DC(37) that halves, and has a cool down of 1d2 turns.

The caster may dismiss this armor as a free action. When the duration ends, the caster is exhausted, and must rest for a full 24hrs.

Note this Spell is used for very high level game

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