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""Blinkfolk Ranger""


CR 10

CN Medium humanoid
Init/Senses +5/Listen +13, Spot +13
AC 23, touch Immune, flat-footed 20
hp 26 (1 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +4/+7/+14
Speed 20' (Increased to 40' on the second movement action in a full move action turn)
Base Atk/Grp +4/+5
Abilities Str —, Dex —, Con —, Int —, Wis —, Cha


Horrific appearance DC(18) 60ft range if viewed Fort save or lose 1d10 str, 1d8 wis and 1d8 dex for the encounter.

Stupefying appearance DC (24) 30ft range if viewed Fort save or 1d10 dam and permanent 1d4 int loss (All auras may be negated at will by the Blinkfolk if so chosen)


Draining Touch +10 (1d6+1)(Regenerate HP equal to damage dealt)

Special Abilities[edit]

Draining Touch DC(19) Fort, At-Will Will, Drain 1-4 points off any ability it chooses and heals 5pts to itself.

Frightful Moan DC(14) Will, 1/encounter, 30ft range or be panicked for 1d4 rounds.

Telekinesis At-Will, 30ft range, 1d4 dmg, object must be 10lbs or less. (Must wait 1d4 turns before using again)

Dimension Door 1/day, move up to 500' away to a location known by the caster.

Wailing Movement DC(10) Will, 15ft range, Blinkfolk use wailing movement automatically if they make a full move action. Targets who fail will panic for 1 turn, and have -2 attack modifier on their next turn after panicking.

Passive Abilities[edit]


(Physical attacks have a 50% miss chance; Ranged attacks have an additional 20% miss chance)
(Spells that target you individually have a 50% fail chance)
(Your attacks deny Dexterity bonus to your opponent’s AC)
(You can walk through up to 10’ of material to an open space on the other side)

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

A Blinkfolk by nature does not trust humanoids, and will attack a humanoid if they come within 60' unless the humanoid exits twice that range in which case they will watch the humanoid adamantly until the humanoid leaves the Blinkfolk's sight. A Blinkfolk will use wailing movement to dissuade a target from approaching. If the target manages to pursue an attack, they prefer to initially use Frightful moan, and then use their bow until the foe perishes or runs away. If melee combat is pursued, they will use Draining Touch again until the foe perishes or runs away. If reduced to one fourth health or less, they will use dimension door to bring themselves to safety. In groups, the scouts will hide behind the rangers until melee combat is pursued by their foes in which case scouts will block for the rangers.

Sample Encounters[edit]

2 Blinkfolk scouts (uses +1 bow, 80' range, d6+1)

4 Blinkfolk rangers (uses +3 bow, 60' range, d8+2)


1 Blinkfolk scout (uses +1 bow, 80' range, d6+1)

2 Blinkfolk rangers (uses +3 bow, 60' range, d8+2)


Environment:forest, any

Typical Physical Characteristics:humanoid, pale skinned, nocturnal

Alignment:typically chaotic, but like humans, no limits


Blinkfolk are the children of ghosts and ethereal creatures. Though on rare occasion they are non-humanoid creatures, they are most commonly humanoid, and more often than not fully human in appearance. At first they were just simple rogue like creatures that would wander about. Due to their inability to die because of age, and their durability because of being incorporeal, they began to increase in number. Soon they became small societies, and now in dark forests, their are small to medium sized villages inhabited by Blinkfolk.


Blinkfolk societies are small and ungoverned. There is no leader in their villages, however often small groups including a scout and 2 rangers, or 2 scouts with 4 rangers are formed. Outsiders are strictly forbidden in villages, but Blinkfolk may associate with outsiders outside of villages. They are untrusting of others naturally, but outsider friendships are not unheard of. If an outsider attempts to pursue entrance into the village they will be attacked and even possibly by the Blinkfolk friend. Most societies are typically lawless, but general crimes such as murder and theft are not practiced within the societies. However crimes against outsiders don't exist, so theft from an outsider is entirely acceptable among the other Blinkfolk. Usage of currency is typically frowned upon.

General Demeanor[edit]

A Blinkfolk is driven mostly by basic needs, so attempts to bribe a Blinkfolk are unlikely since usage of currency is typically frowned upon.

Sample Lair[edit]

4 to 12 groups comprised of the 1/2 scout to 2/4 ranger ratio.

For Player Characters[edit]

A Blinkfolk character may be played solo, but such a character will be shunned and potentially attacked if they don't choose to join a Blinkfolk society when encountered. Again, Blinkfolk are skeptical of all non-Blinkfolk characters, so there should be a significant amount of time spent between at least one member of the group and the Blinkfolk character.

Advanced Creatures[edit]

Advancement is through the ranger class with 1 or 2 levels of rogue.

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