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The Blade of Wonder was seemingly found deep in a forest, at the bottom of a shallow pool. Since then the Blade has passed through many hands, both man and deity, scorned for its wild and unpredictable capabilities. The blade is a single-bladed longsword, one side dull and thick as if to support the blade during its heavy swings. It is made out of a dark-grey steel harder than the average sword while the blade's edge glimmers with a bright orange glow that ripples like waves along it, hinting to its magical nature. When active, the entire sword turns into a brilliant blue beam of energy. The blade was originally crafted by Luca, a wandering deity, and carelessly dropped as he flew through the sky.

The Blade of Wonder is a +2 calling longsword. As a swift action, while the blade is within 100ft of the user, it can be returned to one of the user's hands as if he had always been holding it, even if it is in the possession of another creature. Effects that block teleportation also prevent the return of the weapon. In the hands of a non-arcane spellcaster, the Blade of Wonder can be activated as a Greater Rod of Wonder as a standard action from 30 ft away, or when the user connects with an attack. If the user has additional attacks, the effect only occurs once.

In the hands of an arcane-spellcaster, the blade gains additional effects. For 3 times per day, as a swift action, the user is able to empower the blade, turning it into a +10 brilliant energy ghost touch longsword for 1 round. This effect is only usable once per encounter. When activating the Greater Rod of Wonder effect while attacking, if the user has additional attacks, roll separately for each one and the user is able to pick amongst the outcomes; the Blade of Wonder still only activates once.

Spellcasters are automatically proficient with the Blade of Wonder.

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