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The Blade of Purity is a +2 Longsword with Shapechanger Bane, Augmented Bane, Lycanthrope Bane and Vampire Bane (these stack, as lycanthropes have the shapechanger subtype they automatically get 2 of the banes). The Blade of Purity's bane effect deals 4d6 extra damage instead (stacks). It is treated as a silver weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The Blade of Purity is indestructible, it cannot be destroyed by any mundane or magical means.

The Blade of Purity appears as a long thin blade with no imperfections or kinks, it shines with a dim silver light. When the blade is swung towards a creature it has bane against it shines brighter, the silver glow grows to an intensity that would light up a 10 foot area and then it disperses 1d4 rounds later.


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