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Blade Slinger (Martial Archetype)[edit]

Utlize thrown weapons to the best of their ability. Art by Mike Bierek.

The gowned figure walks into the darkened hallway, away from the bustle of the of the ball. She approaches the figure, drunkenly trying to make his way from the ruckus. Although she is supposed to be unarmed, the guards didn't think to check the knife hidden in head piece, or the one in her sleeve, nor the one in her belt. The gentle moonlight shows the perfect spot, a straight path from her to her target, no one to witness. One, two, three knifes to the head. Mission Complete.

Blade Specialist[edit]

Starting at the 3rd level, you can attack with thrown weapons as a bonus action.

Hidden Blades: Granted that the weapons are appropriate enough, you can hide your weapons on your person. If done so, you can enter areas that normally won’t allow weapons as if you did not have any.

Quick Draw[edit]

Also starting at the 7th level, you gain an extra attack with thrown weapons. Thrown weapons critical on a roll of 19-20.

Weapon Control[edit]

Starting at the 10th level, you can cast Conjure Volley once per long rest.

Vital Hit: The first time you hit with a thrown weapon in a round, it deals an additional 1d8 damage of its type. When your reach the 14th level, this extra damage increases to 2d8.

Precision Strike[edit]

Starting at the 15th level, whenever score a critical the target’s next attack is at disadvantage and can’t take reactions till the next turn. Thrown weapons critical on a roll of 18 – 20.


Starting at the 18th level, whenever you miss a target with a thrown weapon you can reroll that attack on a different target within 30ft. If you miss with the rerolled attack, you don't get to reroll again.

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