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Districts of Blackmoor[edit]

Blackmoor is divided into districts, each with its own character and municipal governance and its own clan of Right Folk that take a significant role in the day to day affairs of the common people.



Officially the largest district within the walls, Castleford is noted as possibly the most desirable district to live in and certainly one of the more secure. It is notable as being the residence of many of the officer class families and even some diplomats. The High Elven enclave is also in Castleford close to the walls of the city through which it is rumoured that they come and go as they please.

The Tybalt clan are the Right Folk of this district and are the best boot makers in the city. They run the district as close to the old ways as any clan in the city and the streets are consequently notably crime free.


Named after the intimidating fortifications at the heart of the city, the extramural district is principally concerned with the welfare of the garrisons within the walls. For the Right Folk that means taverns, brothels, gambling halls and smithies. These industries are managed by a tight knit community of thieves without any strong hierarchy, partly because the military would not tolerate a strong organisation managing their affairs and partly through historical circumstance.

Crown Chapel[edit]

Dean’s Bridge[edit]

A prosperous district in the heart of the city, Dean’s Bridge is run by the Breaker Clan, lead by Stonehand Halvarsson a hill dwarf with a reputation as one of the old school of Right Folk.

Also resident in the district is Judge Makepeace the head of The Justice, the clan that is specifically responsible for arbitrating the rules by which Right Folk manage to divide up the city without open warfare.


Like its neighbours, Haymarket and Squires, Fieldgate is influenced by the daily trade of incoming produce from the surrounding farms and market towns. In this district you will find the freshest vegetables and livestock with flocks of geese, goats and sheep often seen herded in through its wide gates.

This district is the manor of The Cornmen, Right Folk who nominally specialise in the carter business but are one of the least engaged clans in the city. Some feel that this is laziness but as the Cornmen insist on servicing every cart that enters the city they grow rich on an effective secondary taxation without the need to try very hard.


Home to the Knife’s Edge gang who make it their business to manage the graveyard that occupies a significant portion of Greycourt. The leader of the gang, Solomon Keats is reputed to dabble in necromancy, though maybe this is just idle talk and an occupational hazard.




This tiny district is the home of The Mollies a gang of Right Folk that hope to ascend to the grand council and take the Nineteenth Seat. The district also holds the main gateway to Wunderland, the secret network of caverns that stretch beneath the feet of the unaware citizens.

King’s Bridge[edit]


New Bar[edit]



Running alongside the north of the river, The Squires district is noted for its stables, carters and horse trading related business especially around the Fieldgate where knackers yards and tanners cluster to make that the least fashionable entrance to the city. The Squires clan, run the saddlery businesses and their close association with knackers yards means that the corpses of their enemies are rarely found, which has led to the saying "There are no graveyards in Squires".

Cobalt Squires is the grandmaster of the clan, and likes to imply that the district takes its name from his family name rather than vice versa, however the Right Folk of Squires prefer to take the name Gravediggers with a wry grin. The Squires clan has a long running dispute with the Masons Clan of neighbouring Stoney Manor. Originally this was over the ownership of Keyhole but these days the dispute has picked up so many other arguments that few remember the original cause.

Stoney Manor[edit]

The oldest district of Blackmoor, Stoney Manor was the home of the first Earl of Blackmoor until it was ceded to King Novis the Second, grandfather of the Overlord three generations ago. Now the district is notable for its bewildering maze of streets, it's bazaars and markets, and associated artisanal suppliers.

The Right Folk in this district name themselves The Masons and their business is principally in pigments and dyeing. They are sometimes named the Red Hands as they involve themselves in all kinds of dyeing and murder. The leader of the clan is Rolan Manister and he is supported by his many brothers and cousins, as he likes to keep his closest confidants in the family.


Once a separate village on the south side of the river, Tinton sprang up around a small tin mine that worked a seam now in the heart of the district. The mine, long since unprofitable is now the domain of Shoffi The Hog, a Gnoll that uses the converted mines to raise pigs for slaughter in the abattoirs nearby.

Squatting above the mines, a huge spill pile offers the highest point in the city on the top of which is the Jade House a notable brothel and headquarters of the Quake Clan. The Quakers have run all of the brothels of the district since their arrival and along with this, the trade in prostitutes and other slaves into the city.

Touch Water[edit]

Water Gate[edit]

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