Black Lightning (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Black Lightning
Spellcraft DC: 50
Components: V, S, XP
Casting time: 24 hours
Range: world
Target, Effect, or Area: Any the caster can name
Duration: 1 hour
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No - see text
To Develop: 450,000 gp, 18,000 xp, Slay necromancy seed and Energy evocation seed - please help!

You fail to eat or sleep for a full 24 hour period, focusing all your energy into a swirling black cloud far above you. You concentrate on the names and identities of those you target, feeling your hate overcome any rational mindset that may have been in place. At the end of the complicated ritual, you fall unconscious and the black cloud disperses into the sky. Far away, wherever your enemies may be, they are suddenly stricken by a snarling bolt of negative energy that tears through stone and sky alike. It is not stopped even by lead and cannot be evaded no matter what. Even after the first jolt, a second follows, and a third after that. The air is filled with their shrieks of agony as excruciating pain fills them and overcomes them, tearing their soul from their body and banishing it to the nine hells forever. Then, the very hate you used to fill the sky and strike your enemies down now takes residence in their bodies, raising them from the grave to do as you command.

After a 24 hour ritual, during which time you must remain undisturbed so that you may distill your hate into the negative energies boiling into the sky, you fall unconscious for 1d4 days and gain one negative level per person you're trying to kill until you are effected by a restoration spell or something like it. As soon as you fall unconscious, each of the targets that you named during the ritual - using their true birth name only - is instantly struck by a bolt of onyx colored negative energy lightning that deals 1d4 constitution damage and stuns, blinds, deafens, and entirely incapacitates the target for one round. They will be immobilized with agony and suffer all the effects even if they are immune. Each subsequent round, for a number of rounds equal to your caster level, this bolt will strike again until the spell either ends or the creature dies. Each time the bolt strikes, it deals an extra point of constitution damage. Throughout the duration of this spell, the affected creatures are incapable of making any save or check involving their mental ability scores, similarly to a raging barbarian. This must also be role played accordingly, as the blinding pain prevents any kind of rational response. This spell can strike any kind of creature and ignores spell resistance and damage reduction of all kinds. When the target reaches a constitution score of 0, they die and their soul is banished to the deepest depths of the nine hells. 1d10 rounds later, their corpses - if they had one - are reanimated as though affected by the Animate Dead spell. Furthermore, if the soul of the creature is ever reclaimed by traveling to the nine hells and somehow freeing it, the rescuers will find that it has been permanently and unalterably tainted and broken, changing the creature's alignment to chaotic evil and preventing it from recalling past events of its life and forging new memories as it has now become a devil of a various type.

Material Component: A single trinket of sentimental value from each target.

XP Cost: 9,000 xp

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