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Big Dumb Barbarian[edit]

The big dumb barbarian has mastered the art of being stupid. His retarded grin and impossible strength is sure to frustrate even the most clever of villains.

Class: Barbarian

Level: 3rd

Replaces: A barbarian with this class feature does not gain trap sense at 3rd level, 9th level, 15th level, and 18th level.

Benefit: The barbarian gains the following class features:

Improved Illiteracy (Ex): At 3rd level, the barbarian has improved his skills in the art of illiteracy. He is now so illiterate that he is immune to the effects of Explosive Runes and Sepia Snake Sigil (not that he really could be affected by the snake sigil in the first place). Furthermore, he can never learn to read from this point onward.

Greater Illiteracy (Ex): At 9th level, the barbarian has become an expert in the nuances of being illiterate. He now is immune to all spells that are activiated by seeing a symbol or picture (such as Symbol of Pain). Also, he is so incredibly illiterate that he cannot even understand pictures anymore.

Aura of Illiteracy (Ex): At 15th level, the barbarian can extend his illiterate mastery to his allies. Any ally within 30ft. of the barbarian gains a bonus to saving throws equal to twice the trap sense bonus a standard barbarian of equal level would have against spells the barbarian is immune to because of his illiteracy. Any creature within 30ft. of the barbarian must also make a Concentration check DC 10 + 5 per trap sense bonus a standard barbarian of equal level has in order to read anything.

Supreme Illiteracy (Ex): At 18th level, the barbarian has become a true master of illiteracy. He is so illiterate that his vocabulary is reduced to at most 30 words, and loses all of his languages except one racial language. He is also treated as an animal for the purposes of being affected by compulsion spells. This is considered immunity to any compulsion spells that do not affect animals for the purposes of Aura of Illiteracy.

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