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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A blue, open book with a red bookmark in the centre
Home Plane: The Plane of Knowledge
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Books, Knowledge, Magic
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Rune
Favored Weapon: Book/Scrolls
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Biblios is, quite simply, a God of Books. Appearing as a slender man with blue robes trimmed with gold, a book in his hand numerous pens in his leather belt, small reading spectacles and a headband with an open book icon on the front. A very studious and intelligent Deity, Biblios is always found reading or researching something. He is also quite pedantic; once he finds something he wants to know more about, no matter how trivial, he will go to great lengths to find out about it.


Biblios' only encouragement to his followers is to read...a lot. As Biblios spends most of his time either reading or writing, he expects his followers to follow his example and become more studious. His holy tome, the Bibliopedia, is one of the largest books known to humankind - it is at least 50,000 pages long and constantly increasing as Biblios writes more in it. Biblios is a gentle, somewhat quiet Deity, rarely intervening in the lives of his followers and preferring to let them get on with their own lives. His only form of "punishment" is sending naughty clercics "to the back of the class", essentially instructing them politely to stand in the corner of the temple for a few minutes.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The followers of Biblios - often reffered to as Bibliophiles - are incredibly studious and constantly desiring more knowledge. Their sermons are infamous for lasting a ridiculous amount of time: a short sermon could last for up to five hours as the clerics take it in turns to read from the Bibliopedia (see above). Biblios' temples are designed like enormous libraries with a single pulpit at the very front instead of a librarian's desk.

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