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Covenant Units[edit]

The following are cover pages containing the actual creature sheets, alongside some specifics on the race itself, all listed by rank within the Covenant.

Elites (5e Creature) - The honorable, highly skilled combatants.

Brutes (5e Creature) - The animalistic warrior race.

Engineer (5e Creature) - The bio-mechanical healers.

Hunters (5e Creature) - The eel-like meat tanks.

Jackals (5e Creature) - The disposable front-line soldiers.

Grunts (5e Creature) - The disposable front-line soldiers, but stubbier.

Buggers (5e Creature) - The disposable front-line soldiers, but with more wings.

UNSC Units[edit]


UNSC Marine


UNSC Spartan

Promethean Units[edit]

Promethean Crawler

Promethean Soldier

Promethean Watcher

Promethean Knight

Warden Eternal

Flood Units[edit]

Flood Infection Form

Flood Combat Form

Flood Pure Form

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