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A Bestiary[edit]

Species in the Appalachian mountains are among the most diverse in all the multiverse. There are creatures that exist here and nowhere else.

Flying Creatures[edit]

Flying creatures are limited in the world of Appalachia because the high elves have used so much vertical magic power to build the Starbridge in Equador. Creatures that use magic for flight along with wings (dragons, griffons, hippogriffs etc.) can not fly more than 500 ft above the ground and can not climb high snowcapped mountains. They can however climb these mountains once their flying power runs out and then launch themselves from great heights and glide very well. The same magic deficiency in the world that makes rising in altitude impossible, stabilizes gliding, so gliding is easier than in our world. Magic flight problems do not affect creatures that can fly naturally.

The problem with flying has little effect on gnomish flying contraptions which use fans for propulsion and wings for lift. The gnome brother Oliver and Wilbard Wrongway invented the flying machine in 1769. It hasn't exactly caught on but you may occasionally see a flying machine that can reach 1000 feet.

Additional Creatures[edit]


An unusual kind of mainticore that has a long blade in the front for teeth, and a catapult like scoop on the end of its tail. It can hurl boulders up to 600 ft (200 ft short range) with its tail as an action doing 3d6 damage if it hits, and it can attack with its mouth for 2d8 damage. It can also use either its tail or its mouth t move earth within 5 feet as per the cantrip.

Giant Ox[edit]

Giant oxen range from twice the size of a regular ox to 20 times the size of a regular ox (by weight). Giant oxen may be tamed and ridden but only by large humanoids.

Green Nude Eel[edit]

Haisle Cat[edit]

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