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Symbol: a gaping, fanged, maw
Home Plane: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: war, evil, chaotic, fire, destruction
Clergy Alignments: <!< >>
Domains: war, evil, chaotic, fire, destruccton
Favored Weapon: any

Created by the evil dieties, Berkrakwar is a colossal creature born of evl and of fire. He looks like a crouched Balor, like an armor plated furnace that drips burning ahes. Berk. is an unthnking devourer of all life, his gaping maw is a portal to the plane of havelru, the place where the devils of the nine hells and the demons of the abyss wage their unending war, he may be summoned by any avatar of a god, but the god must make himself temporarily mortal to do so. though he is a demigod, he is infact mortal.These are his stats.


collossal demigod outsider (evil,extraplanar,chaotic)
Hit Dice 107 D20+645 (2674)
initiative +0
speed 80 feet (16 squares)
Armor Class 65 (-8 size +47 natural)
base atack +107
special attacks Swallow hole
special qualities damage reduction 20/ good, 20/magic, true sight,when he dies his body hardens and transforms into an elaborate gate to halevru,immunity to poison,disease,acid, ,Doom  (DC 35)following storm, when struck by sunligt, Berkrak loses all natural AC, and all abiltiesand takes 2D10 for every round in sunlight. Immunity to mind effects
space reach30 ft.
savesFort. +200 Ref.- 45 Will.N/A 
abilities Str.68 Dex. 10 Cont. 45 Int.8 Wis. 6 Cha. 45
skills all +100
feats cleave, great cleave,weapon focus(bite) diehard, endurence,power attack, toughness 15
environment N/A
challenge rating 50
treasure N/A
alignment Chaotic Evil



Clergy and Temples[edit]


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