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Benediction of Faith [Divine Feat]

Your patron deity has deemed you worthy of being noticed, and thus, has granted you with a beacon to signify to other mortals that you are a champion of note. Priests, priestesses, religious leaders, worshippers, and citizens instantly recognize you as a consecrated representative of your chosen deity. The result of this faithfulness is an exceptional blessing.
Prerequisite: Must be of similar or same alignment of chosen Deity. Must have the same or similar domain as the worshipped deity. Wis and Char score of 13 or higher.
Benefit: 1/long rest pillar of radiant light
Normal: Being chosen as the champion of god(s), your faith allows you to gain small bonuses as well as a small cosmetic ability. You gain a +2 to any 3 skills of your choosing. You also gain proficiency in one skill of your choice that uses either the Wisdom or Charisma ability score. Once per long rest as a SRD:Standard Action you can use the ability, Benediction of Faith. When used this ability consumes you in a 5-ft wide pillar of light, which extends from the highest echelons of heaven extending an infinite amount of range towards the ground. While underground or in a building, or any location that offers cover, the pillar of light remains subsequently moving with you wherever you go. While in caves, dark areas, or magical darkness, the light will continue to pierce the darkness emitting in its radius, a 5-ft region of light, and another 5-ft radius of dim-light thereafter. While you are outside, onlookers can see this light from any location. When undead or fiendish creatures enter the space or start their turn in this pillar of light they receive 1d4 of radiant damage. They make no save. The pillar of light lasts indefinitely until you spend a Standard Action to dissipate the ability. If you fall unconscious this ability fades. Once dissipated or if the ability is lost, you cannot reactivate it until you have taken a long rest.
Special: This feat can only be taken once.

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