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The Bedouins have been recognized in history as nomadic characters who traveled in tribes in search of a temporary refuge, a place to exchange their products, fortune from the oldest treasures hidden by the old ruins, or even to find themselves. However, it was not necessary that it was a common journey with family or friends, sometimes that journey was done individually both voluntarily and forced. At last you have filled your canteen with that scarce well that was in the middle of nowhere. You continue your journey through the vast desert lands trying to find a meaning to your path in the hottest days and the most risky nights. The sand is already your home and the stars are your compass. Only you are capable of finding a purpose in life as a Bedouin. You may have ended up in these lands as a result of a misunderstanding, you may have been born here and are looking for your way out, or you may be an experienced traveller who relates this landscape as your home and is always ready to return. It is up to you to choose which path to take and how.

Skill Proficiencies: As a good Bedouin you have had to overcome the extreme terrain in which you find yourself, so it is normal that the experience in the desert has given you proficiency in "Perception" and "Survival".

Tool Proficiencies: The Bedouins, as has been told before, were craftsmen, travelers, pilgrims or even thieves. That is why you can choose whether to have proficiency between "Artisan's tools" (and choose one in particular from the list) or "Thief's tools".

Equipment: Perhaps you should choose an outfit according to how you want your Bedouin to be; a treasure hunter, a musician, a scholar, and so on. With this background you can choose the equipment that best suits your character's interests from the list below: - "Thief's Equipment" - "Dungeon Equipment" - "Explorer's Equipment" - "Scholar's Equipment" (In addition to being able to include either a notebook or a musical instrument).

Feature: Surrounded by those who I trust[edit]

The life of a nomadic Bedouin has led you to deal with the outdoors along with friends, family, mercenaries, etc. During that journey, you may have had thousands of beneficial events or tragic problems. However, that has not stopped you from taking care of yourselves as a family. Along the way, some of you may fall or leave the group, but first and foremost, it will be out of necessity and not because the group has expelled or killed him.This company does not necessarily have to be your family (parents, brothers, cousins, etc.), they can also be friends of the soul, work colleagues, a treasure-hunting ally, some of your subjects because you are an important nobleman in one of the cities, some exiles from a makeshift army that lost a recent war, or even a camel. The possibilities for your group to travel through the "hell of sand" is very wide and the limit is your imagination.

Alternate Feature: Lone Wolf[edit]

It is very possible that your journey will be accompanied by absolutely nobody and you will have to face the hard adversities of the terrain by yourself. Perhaps of your own free will, since it is better to be alone than in bad company, you may be forced into a conflictive situation with those who used to live with you and either escaped or were expelled, or perhaps it is a kind of pilgrimage to find yourself in the solitude of that sandstorm where you finally discover what role you want to play in your life. Again, if you go your own way, you have a lot of options. Find out which one is closest to your character.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

You're on the last step to finish your Bedouin. Here you will find different sentences according to how you want your Bedouin to be and according to his history what personality he will acquire. Note: remember that this background is not completely official, if you think that there is one of the options that you like but you don't like the idea of being a desert traveler, you can always talk to your DM to find similarity between the character and the main story and apply it not only for this arid terrain, but for any other kind of climate or geographical space.

d8 Personality Trait
1 The people I travel with are my family and I would do whatever it takes to protect them. There's nothing better than traveling with those you trust.
2 I find this place fascinating. I'm looking forward to finding the next village and meeting more people and exchange habits, products and sit down and talk to them.
3 Where people see terror and destruction I see admiration. I'd love to know what happened to this place so that it would end up in ruins. I'm fascinated by the mysterious.
4 There is nothing better than sitting and, from inside the tent, listening to a sandstorm roar while enjoying the most juicy reading.
5 While people want to travel in the desert I can't find the moment to want to leave this hellish place. I hate sand and I hate place, I wish I could find a way out now.
6 The truth is, I'd rather be with my camel. He doesn't complain about his aching feet, he doesn't bother saying it's too hot, he has a fantastic smile, he eases the burden of the journey and he drinks like me. Why waste time with idiots when I can spend it with him.
7 There are countless treasures in life and it would be a pity if they fell into someone else's pockets.
8 I don't need many compelling reasons to change my mind. If there's money involved, I do what I'm told. No questions asked.
d6 Ideal
1 Fellowship. I take care of my partners as much as I can. We're in this together and we'll get through it together. (Good)
2 Businessman. Everything has a price (Neutral)
3 Devotee. Even if necessity asks me to investigate these ruins, I will not do it for anything in the world; it is forbidden land. (Lawful)
4 Free Soul. I refuse to accept that in life I have to act in a certain way. My life is my own and I will deal with problems as I see fit. (Chaotic)
5 Unbreakable. I must survive in this place and I will not hesitate to eliminate unnecessary risks along the way. (Evil)
6 Watchman. In a place like this there will always be someone who wants to rob, steal, murder or take advantage of the misfortunes of others. (Anyone)
d6 Bond
1 The rough landscapes I traveled through I know like the back of my hand.
2 I travel with the best instrument, my sword. I sharpen it and care for it because it protects me. In the desert it is useful for anything.
3 I got lost in the dunes a long time ago. I haven't seen a familiar face for so long that I'm beginning to hallucinate.
4 In the middle of this sandstorm, the only thing that calms me down is petting my furry hunchback friend.
5 I met a person in one of the villages and I always remember him; in my dreams, I try to draw his face in the sand, in the reflection of the smallest puddle of water. I don't know if I should go and see his face again or forget him forever.
6 Someone saved my life, I only have his belongings as a memento before he was swallowed up by quicksand.
d6 Flaw
1 I'm completely suspicious of anyone new to the camp.
2 I've been traveling for a long time but I have no idea where north or south is, I look at the sky and see only little dots.
3 No matter what the deal is, I always have to come out on top or get more.
4 It's not that I'm afraid of animals, it's just that the further away they are from me the happier I am.
5 I am a tobacco addict, I don't mind admitting it, it may cause a fire "accidentally", but I have to satisfy my vices.
6 Greed overreaches itself

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